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What types of questions can my coaching team answer?

The Noom Weight program offers different types of coaching, and each Guide/Coach is best suited to answer certain questions as they relate to your weight loss journey.

What is Welli and what types of questions should I ask Welli?

Welli (formerly known as Noomi) is our AI-powered chat that can help you get faster and better responses to frequently asked questions.

Welli is great at answering questions about:

  • General Health
  • Nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Food Swaps
  • Habit questions
  • Program FAQ questions, such as how to log foods, our color categories, device syncing, adjusting calorie budgets, and more

Welli isn’t equipped to answer:

  • Questions based on age, weight, BMI, or goals
  • Account or subscription cancellation questions
  • Questions that require very personalized answers
  • Medical questions

What types of questions should I ask my Noom Guides?

Noom Guides allow you to “Noom on your own” meaning they offer more reactive support and don’t typically interact with you on a daily basis. You can reach out to your Noom Guides at any time to ask questions that you may have on your journey and you should hear back from them typically within 24-48 hours during normal business days. We want the amount of interaction to be in your hands so your Noom Guides won’t reach out to you unless you reach out to them first. Please reach out as much as you need.

Noom Guides can:

  • Provide helpful tips and tricks
  • Provide light support, such as empathy, affirmation, and validation
  • Provide light tech support/troubleshooting

Noom Guides don’t:

  • Set goals
  • Set daily or weekly check-ins 
  • Proactively reach out
  • Ask open-ended questions

What types of questions should I ask my 1:1 Coach? (if applicable)

Some of our programs offer more personalized coaching with a 1:1 Coach. Our 1:1 Coaches, like us, advocate for our Noomers and interact with them on a daily basis. Their jobs don’t stop at coaching though! 1:1 Coaches break down their Noomers’ habits, hopes, and fears as they progress through the program. They chat with them about their achievements and areas of improvement and help them understand their journey. They’re also better suited to provide more human and personalized responses, along with building a relationship with you over time.

1:1 Coaches can:

  • Understand your eating and exercise habits
  • Help you set goals 
  • Help process your feelings about your journey 
  • Help you stay motivated
  • Find new ways to introduce health and wellness into your life
  • Understand how the daily lessons relate to your own personal journey

1:1 Coaches can’t:

  • Offer advice as a mental health professional
  • Offer nutritional advice as a nutrition expert 
  • Tell you what to eat and how to exercise
  • Adjust your Calorie Target or Budget
  • Assist with troubleshooting the Noom app
  • Perform tasks or answer questions related to your subscription, such as viewing your subscription/account information, assisting with cancelling your subscription and/or issuing refunds, and making changes to your subscription