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How to Use Noom Circles

Community Set Up

  • Joining: Once you find a community that aligns with your interests, tap on the name of the group to open it and then tap + Join. Joining a community allows you to post as well as engage with posts from other Noomers or Noom Coaches and subscribes you to that Community for your feed. 
  • Timeline: The main community page always includes a timeline where you can view every post in chronological order. Newer posts appear at the top of the timeline, and you can scroll back to read through older posts. 
  • Gallery: The gallery section of a Community is where you can find all of the photos or videos that have been posted. 
  • Members: You can visit the Members section of a Community to see who else has joined the Community as well as who the moderators are.

Navigating through Noom Circles

  • Explore: You can browse through different communities to join ranging from inspiration, exercise, eating well, or tips and tricks for your Noom journey!
  • Search Communities: You can type in keywords to look for Communities related to your interests.
  • Feed: Once you join a Community, new posts and comments will start to populate your feed. You can stay up to date and engage with your Community right from your feed!

Engaging with Communities

  • Posting: You can create and share posts with other Noomers from your feed page or within a specific Community. To create a post, simply enter and edit what you’d like to say and select Post. You also have the option to attach photos, videos, and files, or create a poll.
  • Replying to Posts and Liking/Commenting on Posts: You can interact with Posts from Noomers or Noom Coaches by liking the post and giving a thumbs up. You can also add to the conversation by leaving a comment. Note: Each comment can have one reply in the thread, but comments to the main post are unlimited. 
  • Reporting Posts: To flag a post that violates Noom Terms and Conditions, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select Report. The three dots appear on the same bar as the like and reply buttons for comments. This will bring it to the attention of our Noom Circles Moderators for review and intervention as needed.