Looking for a way to stay motivated, have fun, and earn rewards for completing daily tasks on your weight loss journey? NoomCoin is the in-app reward for you!

What is NoomCoin?

NoomCoin is a token we created to reward the actions you take now that will drive weight loss later. You can earn one NoomCoin per day by completing all 3 logging tasks:

  1. Log all meals, and make sure to hit Finish Day on the meal logging page.
  2. Complete all assigned lessons.
  3. Log your weight.

What happens when I earn a NoomCoin?

After a coin is earned, a NoomCoin image will appear confirming that a NoomCoin has been earned. It’s stored in your NoomCoin wallet on the top right corner of the course progress page.

Here’s what NoomCoins look like:

When can I start earning NoomCoins?

You can start earning NoomCoins on Day 2 of your program. You’ll be given an article on NoomCoins in your daily reading list and after that, you can start earning right away! You’ll receive your very first NoomCoin once you complete the article about how they work. From then on, you can earn and accrue them over time. 

What do I get for earning Noomcoins? 

Weight loss! On average Noomers lose one pound for every five NoomCoins they earn (this number will vary depending on your unique journey, but it’s a good estimate for most people!).

We’re also cooking up new prizes and rewards for NoomCoins, so stay tuned!