We’ll help you make a change.

You know what you need to do to lose weight. Doing it is the hard part. It’s possible when you have the world’s most powerful coach in your pocket.

Intelligently built for you

Your Noom Coach program harnesses the power of technology to provide you with 360-degree support on your weight loss journey. The system automatically adjusts to what you do, so even if you veer off course, it will help you quickly find a path back to weight loss.


Know what to do

Noom Coach gives you a simple plan to follow. You'll start each day with a customized list of steps to take to get you closer to your goal.

Noom guided me every step of the way. It was so easy, I always knew just what I had to do.

Lost 82 lbs


Keep track of where you are

Throughout the day, log what you eat in just seconds thanks to Noom's world-class technology, predictive algorithms, and intuitive portion sizes.


Learn what’s working

Noom's powerful technology shows you the impact of your various choices as you progress towards your goal.


Stay motivated

Upgrade to be matched with an intimate support group or go one step further and engage a personal coach to keep you on track.


Join the 32 million people who are getting healthy with Noom’s apps.



Log your meals

Track what you eat and how much you exercise. Use the information to make real-time adjustments throughout your day to stay on course.



Join a Virtual Support Group

Get instant, intelligent feedback on everything you do and connect with a virtual support group to get the support you need, right when you need it.



Get a Personal Coach

Get all the benefits of Noom Coach Pro plus the help of a personal coach to reach your weight loss goals. Your coach is always just a tap away.


Call for pricing

Increase productivity in the office

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  • Success Story

    Jaclyn lost 61 lbs

    “From the minute I opened the app everything was there, it really encouraged me to change my habits and take control.”

  • Success Story

    Carla lost 100 lbs

    “I knew I needed to make a change in my life…Noom gave me the confidence that I could do this.”

  • Success Story

    Juan lost 70 lbs

    “I struggled with my weight all my life. Noom guided me every step of the way...it's amazing how it changed my health.”