How do I send a message in Noom Circles?

While there’s currently no Direct Message feature in Noom Circles, you can create private conversations with individuals or small groups of friends by setting up a new community! 

To do so:

  1. Find My Community within the main Noom Circles page
  2. Click on + Create Community 
  3. You can then add an optional image, create a community name, an about section, and a category. 
  4. You can toggle between public and private to control who can join 
  5. Lastly, you can add members by searching for their display names within Noom Circles

Note: You can adjust the settings at any time in order to make it private or public in order to add new participants.

Photo and Video Gallery

Your Noom Circles profile has a photo gallery that allows you to view all photos and videos you’ve linked to your current posts. While you can’t add/delete photos and videos directly in the gallery, you can add/delete photos and videos in your posts, which will then be reflected in the gallery.