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Success Kit

Success Kit Overview

The Success Kit gives you quick access to on-demand tools, designed to support common in-the-moment challenges, like deciding what to eat next and dealing with stress or demotivation. By giving you self-serve tools to learn how to address these challenges, you’ll become more self-sufficient and better equipped for success with lifelong, healthy behavior change.

Tools Included in the Success Kit

There are 4 tools currently available in the Success Kit:

  • Food Lookup: Nutrition info and healthy swaps to guide your food choices
  • Guided Breathing: Breathing exercises to get through stress in 1-2 minutes
  • Easy Meditations: Feel calmer and happier in 5 minutes or less
  • Grocery Planner: Add your grocery list for color breakdowns and healthy swaps (iOS only)

Success Kit Availability and How to Access the Feature

The Success Kit is available to all Noomers on iOS and Android version 12.10.0 or higher (with the exception of the U.K.), provided that you’re enrolled in the English version of the Noom Weight program. You’ll see a floating button on the home screen of the Noom app, offering you access to all the new tools (4 tools for iOS and 3 tools for Android).

Unable to See the Success Kit

Please make sure you’ve updated your app to the latest version (12.10.10 or higher for both iOS & Android). If you’re on iOS, you may also need to force quit the Noom app and reopen it, as iOS home screen updates sometimes require a full app restart.