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Success Kit

Success Kit Overview

The Success Kit gives you quick access to on-demand tools, designed to support common in-the-moment challenges, like deciding what to eat next and dealing with stress or demotivation. By giving you self-serve tools to learn how to address these challenges, you’ll become more self-sufficient and better equipped for success with lifelong, healthy behavior change.

Tools Included in the Success Kit

There are 11 tools currently available in the Success Kit:

  • Food Lookup: Helps you find and look up the nutritional value of different foods and find healthy swaps.
  • Grocery Planner: Lets you calculate the % of green foods on your grocery list and find healthy swaps (iOS only).
  • Noom Move: A library of over 1,000 workout videos, courtesy of FitOn.
  • Muscle Defense: A focused strength-training program available only to GLP-1 Companion program users.
  • Create Space: Helps Noomers carve out time to recharge and do what they love.
  • Rapid Relief: Quick activities for navigating sudden stress or overwhelm.
  • Reframe: Guided exercises to reframe unhelpful thoughts and negative self-talk.
  • Easy Meditations: Helps you build a practice of mindfulness and self-care, and includes meditations across a range of mental wellness topics from sleep to progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Self-Care Exercises: Interactive activities for self-acceptance and gratitude.
  • Self-Care Meditations: Mental wellness video meditations by FitOn.
  • Ride the Wave: Science-backed techniques to “ride through” difficult emotions or urges.

Success Kit Cost

The Success Kit is available for free as part of your Noom Weight subscription. It’s designed to complement your existing Noom curriculum by providing you with a set of on-demand tools to help you build and practice healthy habits, from making healthier food choices to finding ways to destress at any given moment. The goal of the Success Kit is to help Noomers like you build self-sufficiency and long-lasting behavior change.

Success Kit Availability and How to Access the Feature

The Success Kit is available to all Noomers on iOS and Android version 12.10.0 or higher, provided that you meet minimum device requirements and are enrolled in the English version of the Noom Weight program. You’ll see a floating button on the home screen of the Noom app, offering you access to all the new tools (11 tools for iOS and 10 tools for Android).

How to Use the Success Kit

The Success Kit is your place to get support when life gets in the way. We know that Noomers may struggle with in-the-moment challenges, like choosing what to eat next or figuring out how to deal with stress and overwhelm. The Success Kit is designed to provide you with some helpful, self-serve tools to learn how to address these challenges and help you be better equipped for success with lifelong, healthy behavior change. Whenever you feel like you’re dealing with a timely challenge and need some support, we encourage you to explore Success Kit and its tools.

Unable to See the Success Kit

Please make sure you’ve updated your app to the latest version (12.10.10 or higher for both iOS & Android) and you meet the minimum device requirements. If you’re on iOS, you may also need to force quit the Noom app and reopen it, as iOS home screen updates sometimes require a full app restart.