Noom Circles Rules and Guidelines

Please take a few minutes to read our house rules and guidelines. 

These apply to anything shared in Noom Circles Communities and will be upheld by our moderators.

Be respectful: This Community is used by fellow Noomers with a range of ages and backgrounds, so please be sensitive, inclusive, and kind. This means refraining from demeaning and/or disrespectful language related to gender(s), sexual orientation, physical or mental dis/ability, race, class, religion, and life choices including those of a financial, employment, or health-related nature. Please also refrain from the use of explicit images or graphic language.

Be supportive and kind: Remember the golden rule and treat others in this space as you’d like to be treated.

Be open and honest: This is your space to share your experiences, and by doing so openly and honestly, you’ll provide one another with the best possible support. Your path to a healthier lifestyle may be unique but you’re likely to find plenty of common ground here.

Keep it relevant: Share anything you like as long as it’s related to your health and wellness. While passion and enthusiasm for certain products, persons, or programs is understandable, the best dynamic happens when the focus is on using Noom so please, no soliciting or selling. This goes for endorsing specific political preferences as well.

Reporting Posts: To flag a post that violates Noom Terms and Conditions, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select Report. The three dots appear on the same bar as the like and reply buttons for comments. This will bring it to the attention of our Noom Circles Moderators for review and intervention as needed.

For additional reference, you can review our Terms and Conditions of Use.