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Premium Subscription

What is the Premium Subscription?

The Premium subscription combines the Noom Weight program, which empowers participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle intervention, with 1:1 Coaching and Meal and Exercise Plans that are delivered in-app. Together, these tools will help you develop and maintain healthy eating patterns and physical activity habits, and foster the skills you need to navigate the social environment and overcome barriers to weight loss.

Who can purchase the Premium subscription?

The Premium subscription is currently available to new Noomers in the U.S. who are signing up for Noom Weight on both iOS & Android. We’re diligently working to expand this exciting new offering and make it available to all Noomers. In the meantime, please make sure to keep your app updated so you receive any new features as they’re released.

What’s included in the Premium subscription?

The Premium subscription includes the following:

  • Direct messaging with a 1:1 Coach
  • 24/7 access to Welli, Noom’s AI Support
  • Meal and Exercise Plans

How is the Premium subscription billed?

The Premium subscription is an add-on subscription that’s billed in addition to your Noom Weight subscription, so you’ll see 2 separate charges from Noom. If you sign up for the Premium subscription at the same time as your Noom Weight subscription, you’ll see charges for Noom Weight and the Premium subscriptions on the same day.

What is Welli?

Welli (formerly known as Noomi) is our AI-powered chat that can help you get faster and better responses to frequently asked questions. For more information, please refer to the What types of questions can my coaching team answer? FAQ.

Will I be connected to the same 1:1 Coach throughout the program?

Yes! As part of the Premium subscription, you’re assigned to a 1:1 Coach and you’ll remain with the same 1:1 Coach for the duration of your program. While your 1:1 Coach can answer many of the same questions as Welli, they’re better suited to provide more human and personalized responses, along with building a relationship with you over time. All communication with your 1:1 Coach will take place in the Chat feature of the Noom app. For more information, please refer to the What types of questions can my coaching team answer? FAQ.

Why do I have access to two chats in the Noom app and what is each chat used for?

When you first open the Noom app, you’ll see an automated Welcome message from Welli (Noom’s AI Support) and your 1:1 Coach. You’ll continue to have access to both chats so you can message Welli and your 1:1 Coach. These chats can be used at the same time, meaning that you can talk to Welli while waiting for your 1:1 Coach to reply in the other chat.

Welli can provide quick, more general responses to nutrition, health, exercise, and Noom-related questions. Within the Welli chat, you can also tap any of the Quick Topics in the yellow text bubbles to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Meanwhile, your 1:1 Coach can provide more personalized support based on individual needs and goals.

When will my 1:1 Coach first reach out to me and how often will they check in?

Your 1:1 Coach will greet you with a message and welcome video on day 1 of the program, followed by a check-in 3 days later to understand your goals. They’ll then check in with you weekly on a designated day agreed upon with you and your 1:1 Coach for continued accountability and support. When messaging your 1:1 Coach, you’ll typically receive a response from them within 24 hours on business days (Mon – Fri).

What happens if I cancel my Premium subscription?

When you cancel your Premium subscription, you’ll lose access to the Meal and Exercise Plans and the direct messaging with your 1:1 Coach. However, you’ll retain access to the Noom Weight program, which includes messaging with Welli and Noom Coaches. For more information about Noom Coaches, please see the What are the roles of my Noom Coaches? and What types of questions can my coaching team answer? FAQs. While you’ll no longer have access to the 1:1 Chat, your previous messages with your 1:1 Coach will appear in the Welli chat.

What other add-ons do I have access to?

As part of your Premium subscription, you’ll have access to Noom Shop and the available add-ons.