We’re conducting routine maintenance for the next few hours, which may prevent you from signing up for Noom or accessing your Subscription Portal, If you still encounter difficulties, you can chat with us using the orange Chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can send us a request so we can assist further.

How can I learn about my charges and find my receipt?

Looking for more info about your subscription charges?

Log into your Subscription Portal with the same credentials you used to create a Noom account and you’ll find all of your charge-related details, including the credit card you used to purchase, the amount you were charged, renewal dates, and more.

Forgot your password? You can easily reset it using this password reset link.

Can’t find your receipt?

We always send out receipts via email, so we recommend checking your inbox. Receipt emails from Noom will appear as follows:

  • From: Noom (updates@message.noom.com)
  • Subject: Your Noom Receipt

Don’t forget to check your spam, junk, and promotions folders, too.

Still having trouble finding it?

You can chat with Support by clicking the orange chat bubble found on the bottom right of your screen or you can reach out to us via email using our Contact Support form and we’ll make sure to find your receipt and help with any other related issues. Just make sure you include the email you used to sign up.

Received an email that says ‘Your Customized Course Is Ready’?

This course number shown in the email is just a placeholder and it indicates that you haven’t finished signing up for Noom yet. You won’t be charged unless you complete the signup process and subscribe.

However, if you think you may have possibly signed up with another email or have already received a charge from Noom, please reach out to Noom Support.