Can I move my Noom data from one device to another?

For the optimal Noom experience, we strongly recommend using Noom from a single device and deleting the app from any additional devices, as this will prevent any potential issues with syncing and data loss. If you’ve switched devices or reinstalled Noom, please make sure to log in as an existing user by clicking the Log in now button on the home screen.

When prompted to log in, please use the same login method (email/password combination, Facebook ID, Apple ID, Google+ ID) you used on your previous phone so we can pull all of your info and get you up and running!

Please note: We’re only able to move data between like devices, such as Android to Android or iOS or iOS. Using the app across different platforms (iOS to Android and Android to iOS) can result in a corrupted account with complete data loss, which we can’t restore.

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