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What is NoomVibe?

NoomVibe is a free app from Noom that makes it fun and rewarding to build healthy habits! For a comprehensive overview of NoomVibe or technical assistance with the NoomVibe app, please visit the NoomVibe website.

NoomVibe Features

NoomVibe features include:

  • Pedometer: Track your daily steps with the NoomVibe step counter and earn in-app currency, called Vibes, for each step you track. Bank your Vibes each day and get bonus Vibes for daily streaks and meeting your step goal!
  • Habit Tracker: Track and earn Vibes for other healthy habits like drinking water, stretching, sleep, and meditation. Each habit is categorized to help you easily keep track of whether you’re staying active, eating right, sleeping well, or connecting with people in a meaningful way.
  • Rewards: Exchange your Vibes for gift cards and get rewarded for your healthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling generous, redeem your Vibes to support amazing causes and help us better the world!
  • Community & Expert Voices: Engage with live podcasts hosted by Noom wellness coaches, leading voices, and other experts as they share advice on living their best lives. Gain invaluable insights and get the support you need on your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

How do I get NoomVibe?

NoomVibe is available on iOS and Android.

How is NoomVibe affiliated with Noom?

NoomVibe is a separate, free app brought to you by Noom. It operates as a standalone app and is a great place to build healthy habits and get support for all aspects of your whole-person wellness, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, relationships, mindfulness, and mental health.