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Metabolic Health Panel

Product Details

Gain meaningful insights on hormones that may be related to unexpected changes in weight and energy with this at-home Metabolic Health Panel (Cortisol, Total T, TSH), powered by Ash Wellness.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Collection devices and necessary medical supplies/bags 
  • Self-collection instruction booklet
  • Return poly mailer and pre-paid USPS First Class return shipping label

Return Policy

Test kits can’t be returned or exchanged due to a chain of custom requirements for human specimen collection. If a new kit is required due to missing/damaged materials or shipping issues, please request a new kit, free of charge, by emailing support@poweredbyash.com and discard any unused materials. Noom and Ash don’t offer refunds if customers don’t wish to complete their test kits.

Where do I go to register my kit?

To register your kit, please scan the QR code on the postcard included in your testing kit or visit the Patient Portal. You’ll be prompted to set up an account using an email and password and be guided to register your kit following account creation. Be sure to have the kit ID (AW followed by 8 alphanumeric characters) ready to complete your registration.

Where can I find my kit ID?

Your kit ID is an alphanumeric ID that is unique to your test kit and it will start with AW followed by 8 alphanumeric digits (Ex: AW1234ABCD). This ID will be printed on a sticker next to the QR code on your postcard. It can also be found on the collection labels included on each collection device.

How do I collect my samples?

All testing kits include printed instructions walking you through each step of the collection process, including properly packaging and returning your samples. These written instructions, along with collection videos, can also be found in the Written and Video Instructions section of the Patient Portal.

How do I return my samples?

To return the samples:

  1. Place your completed samples inside the biohazard bag in accordance with the instructions provided. 
  2. Place your bagged sample into the box your kit originally arrived in and tuck the flaps at the front of the lid into the sides to secure it.
  3. Place your filled box into the poly mailer bag provided and stick the prepaid return label on it. 
  4. Bring your test kit to your nearest USPS drop-off.

What do I do if my kit is missing materials?

If your kit doesn’t have all of the materials laid out in the collection instructions provided, please reach out to support@poweredbyash.com for assistance. They’ll send replacement items to you at no cost!

Does my kit expire?

Prior to collection, most self-collection kits are usable for up to 1 year from the time of purchase. Once you’ve collected your sample, the lab must process it within 30 days of collection. This is meant to ensure the stability and integrity of the sample. If a sample exceeds the 30-day limit after collection, or if it’s deemed compromised by other means, the lab will reject the sample. To be safe, we recommend returning your kit as soon as possible after collecting your sample.

I think I collected my sample incorrectly. What do I do?

Do not panic – mistakes happen! If you’re worried that you collected your sample incorrectly or used the wrong materials to collect your sample, please first review the written instructions or instructional videos associated with your specific kit in the Written and Video Instructions section of the Patient Portal to confirm.

If you have made a mistake, don’t attempt to recollect the sample. Adding a new specimen to an already collected sample will invalidate the sample, and the lab won’t be able to process the results. Instead, reach out to support@poweredbyash.com to coordinate a replacement kit. 

How long until my results are ready and where do I view my results?

Labs typically process results within 3-5 business days, but it can take up to 7 business days in some cases. If your kit status states Results Pending, then your kit is either en route to the lab or is being processed by the lab. When results are ready, they’ll populate in the Patient Portal and you’ll receive an email notification prompting you to log back into your account. You’ll then view results in the Your Kits section by clicking the View Results button.

What happens if I receive an abnormal result?

If you receive an abnormal or potentially critical result, an Ash Wellness medical team member will call you at the number provided in your account setup to discuss your results and review the next steps. If you have any questions about your results, please reach out to support@poweredbyash.com for assistance.