Everlywell Metabolism Test Kit

We’ve partnered with Everlywell to offer our Noomers a special metabolism testing kit! If you’re thinking about purchasing the kit or have already purchased it and have a few questions, you’ve come to the right spot.

Who is Everlywell and how has Noom partnered with them?

Everlywell is a health and wellness company that has modernized health data collection and reporting. Everlywell offers clinically-validated tests to evaluate your individual health needs, and allows you to collect your own sample in the comfort of your home and send it off to be analyzed by CLIA-certified labs. 

Noom and Everlywell share the common goal of helping people everywhere live healthier lives and individualize their wellness journey. We’ve partnered with Everlywell to offer their unique metabolism testing kit in order to further aid our Noomers as they navigate their program. 

Tell me more about this metabolism test kit.

The Everlywell metabolism test kit measures three hormones that can influence your metabolism and may help you understand unexpected changes in weight and energy. Your test results include your levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), cortisol, and free testosterone, and whether they’re low, normal, or high as compared to established normal ranges. 

By measuring the levels of each hormone, you can better understand what you may be experiencing with your body composition, weight, and energy levels. With this information, you can confidently start your Noom journey with in-depth knowledge about your health and hormones that can influence your progress. 

Who can purchase the metabolism test kit?

Everlywell tests are currently available to residents in 49 U.S. states who are 18 years or older. They currently don’t offer tests to residents of New York due to the state’s regulations around testing. 

What is the process of receiving my metabolism test kit?

You’ll need to purchase the testing kit while signing up for your Noom Weight subscription. After completing your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a receipt. Everlywell will then ship the kit to you. Their average standard shipping time is 4-7 business days from the date of purchase; however, shipping times can vary based on the time of year and carrier. Once you receive your kit, you’ll have to follow the enclosed instructions to register your kit and collect your samples. 

You can expect to receive email updates upon order processing and kit shipment and email/text updates provided after the kit is registered, updates upon the kit arriving at the lab, when their test sample(s) are processed, as well as when their lab results are ready for their review.

Note: If you’ve already signed up for Noom and would still like to purchase a kit, you can make a purchase directly from Everlywell’s website.

When will I receive my results?

All completed test kits are shipped out to the labs via overnight shipping in order to maintain the stability of the sample. Once received by the lab, Everlywell aims to provide your results within 2-4 days. Please register your kit online ASAP to ensure prompt test results. 

Will my metabolism test kit results appear in my Noom app?

Your metabolism test kit results won’t appear within the Noom app. However, Everlywell offers an electronic Results Ready notification process via email. This will direct you to log into the Everlywell website, which houses the secure Clinical Support Center. There, you’ll be able to review your results online or download the results via PDF. Please register your kit online ASAP to ensure prompt test results. 

How do my results affect my Noom Program?

Your metabolism kit results won’t directly impact your Noom program. This means that your results won’t appear within the Noom app and your articles won’t change due to your results. Instead, they’re intended to be another resource for you to have when making decisions on your health journey and are meant purely to be informative to you! You can share your results with your coach to talk about how they might change your goals. However, keep in mind that your coach isn’t certified to offer medical advice. Additionally, you can always share your easy-to-interpret test kit results with your physician for more detailed advice!

What should I do if I haven’t received my kit?

If you encounter any issues with your kit, you’ll need to reach out to Everlywell for assistance. You can reach them via email at noom@everlyhealth.com.

What should I do if I haven’t received my results?

You’ll need to reach out to Everlywell in this case as well. You can contact them via email at noom@everlyhealth.com with any questions about your test as Noom doesn’t have any visibility into processing or test results. 

I’d like a refund for my metabolism test kit. 

Once the purchase is made, our partners at Everly Health initiate shipment on the kit and it can’t be cancelled or refunded. If you received a defective product, you can request a replacement via phone at 855-463-1670 or via email at noom@everlyhealth.com.

I have additional questions about the metabolism test kit.

At Noom, we’re all about making informed decisions. The best place to look for answers is on Everlywell’s Learn page.