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Our phone system will be unavailable during this time, but you’ll be able to chat with our live agents 24/7 or you can email Support.

When will I be billed for my add-ons?

Add-On charges are separate from your Noom subscription and are charged immediately to the billing method associated with your account. We do this so that we can get the additional products/services to you as quickly as possible. Some of the add-ons available for purchase include:

  • Premium Subscription (1:1 Coaching + Meal and Exercise Plans)
  • Meal and Exercise Plans
  • Pendulum Supplements
  • Course Enhancements
  • Withings Body Smart Scale

Please note that some products are only available in certain countries/regions or with specific versions of the app.

Additional Info for the Meal and Exercise Plans

After purchasing your Meal and Exercise Plans, you’ll be provided with a quick online survey to tailor the guides to your preferences.

Once you complete the survey and we note your preferences, you’ll receive the Meal and Exercise Plans via the Noom app. Your Meal Plan is designed to be delivered to you over the course of 4 weeks, and you’ll receive a new one each week on the same weekday that you receive your initial plan.

Please note that this plan delivery system only applies to Noomers in the U.S. International Noomers will receive a Meal Plan designed to be used over again.

In case you weren’t able to complete the survey or need to take it again, you can reach out to our Support Team for assistance.