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Meal and Exercise Plans


When signing up for the Noom Weight program, you have the option to add the Meal and Exercise Plans. Depending on your location and which version of the program you’re enrolling in, this may be sold as part of the Premium subscription upgrade or as a separate add-on.

Meal and Exercise Plans Survey

After purchasing your Meal and Exercise Plans, you’ll be provided with a quick online survey to tailor the guides to your preferences. Once you complete the survey and we note your preferences, you’ll receive the Meal and Exercise Plans via the Noom app. Your Meal Plan is designed to be delivered to you over the course of 4 weeks, and you’ll receive a new one each week on the same weekday that you receive your initial plan.

Please note that this plan delivery system only applies to Noomers in the U.S. International Noomers will receive a Meal Plan designed to be used over again. In case you weren’t able to complete the survey or need to take it again, you can reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

Types of Meal Plans Available

We offer several different types of Meal Plans to accommodate different food preferences:

  • Low-carb
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Pescatarian
  • No Seafood
  • No Pork
  • Gluten-Free

Please make sure to select the appropriate option when completing the online survey.