We’re conducting routine maintenance for the next few hours, which may prevent you from signing up for Noom or accessing your Subscription Portal, If you still encounter difficulties, you can chat with us using the orange Chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can send us a request so we can assist further.

Unable to See Chat Widget

We currently support automated and live chat in English. If you’re on any of the Noom Support FAQ pages and don’t see the orange chat widget in the bottom right corner of your screen, you can try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure you’re not using an AdBlocker or pop-up blocker. If you are, consider turning it off temporarily. 
  • Clear the cookies and cache on your web browser. 
  • Temporarily adjust the security permissions on your web browser to be less strict. 
  • Try a different browser and/or device. 

For reference, this is what the chat widget looks like: