How Do I View or Change My Calorie Target?

Your daily calorie target can be found underneath your weekly schedule. Look just above the Log your meals task to the right of the word Calories on your home screen.

If you’d like to change your daily target, it can be increased or decreased through the settings in your app by adjusting your preferred weight loss speed. Each day your calorie target will start at the baseline amount for you that’s calculated based on how quickly you’ve indicated you’d like to lose weight. It will also automatically change throughout the day as your app records activity, such as your steps for the day! 

Note: The calorie target is set based on the Noomer’s gender identity. Those who identify as female will be given a target of 1,320 calories, those who identify as male will be given a target of 1,540 calories, and Noomers who do not choose to select a binary gender will be given a target of 1,320 calories. 

To change your daily calorie target on iOS:

  1. Open Noom, tap on the menu icon (the three little lines) in the top left corner, and tap on the Settings tab.

  1. Scroll down to Weight Loss Speed. On the left side of the scale is the tortoise, which means a slower weekly weight loss speed and translates to a higher minimum calorie target. On the right side of the scale is the cheetah, which means a faster weekly weight loss speed and translates to a lower minimum calorie target.

  1. Feel free to experiment with these options by moving the slider left or right to find what works best for you!

Note: If you notice that your calorie target isn’t changing when you adjust your weight loss speed, it may be that it’s already within the safe range for your current height, weight, and age, so it cannot be safely changed by changing your weight loss speed.

For more info on how your calorie budget is calculated, check out our FAQ page here!

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