Noom Med Prescriptions

Does the Noom Med subscription cover the cost of medication?

Medications aren’t included in the cost of your subscription and Noom doesn’t supply medications. Noom Med patients use their insurance at their preferred pharmacy just like medications prescribed by their primary care doctors outside of Noom.

How much will my prescription cost me?

We do our best to help make your prescription more accessible by navigating your insurance company’s prior authorization process and accessing manufacturer coupons. Prescription coverage is determined solely by your insurance company and we can’t guarantee cost coverage.

All prior authorization and covered benefit determinations that are communicated to us by your insurance company are preliminary and you should always confirm coverage and approval with your pharmacy before paying for medications. If your prescription isn’t affordable, we’ll be happy to connect you with your clinician to discuss alternatives.

I thought I already gave you my insurance information. Why don’t you have it?

To help the prior authorization process run smoothly, it’s important that we verify your most up-to-date prescription insurance information. If you didn’t include all the details during your intake, we may need to ask this again to ensure we can check coverage details.

How do I get refills?

We’ll send you a check-in right around the time that you’re due for a refill with some important questions. Your clinician will review your responses and assess the next steps for your refill, which may include follow-up communication with your clinician. If you’re due for a refill before we get to your check-in, please let your Care Team know right away.