Noom Med Labs

I  requested new labs be ordered. Now what?

Your clinician will sign off on your lab order and it will be submitted electronically to LabCorp. Once it has been submitted, you’ll receive an instruction email and you’ll be emailed a PDF copy of your order for your records. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for your lab order to be processed.

Please note that these are fasting labs. In order to accurately assess your glucose, cholesterol panel, and insulin, it’s important that you fast for 12 hours prior to having your labs drawn. This means no food or drinks other than water, black coffee, or plain black tea.

Your clinician will be able to review your lab results directly through LabCorp – no uploading necessary! Once your lab results have been reviewed by your clinician, you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s time to schedule your video visit.

Are labs included in the cost of the Noom Med program?

At this time, the cost of labs isn’t included in your subscription price. You’ll be responsible for the cost of your labs and may choose to use your insurance, if applicable.

Where do I upload my labs?

If you had your labs ordered, your LabCorp results don’t need to be uploaded – those are available electronically to your ordering clinician. If you selected the option to upload your own labs, you’re given the option to upload labs when completing your intake. The testing that your clinician will want to see includes the following labs: Lipid Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, TSH, Hemoglobin A1C, and fasting Insulin, to be complete, ideally within 3-6 months (depending on your medical conditions). If you’ve completed your intake and need to upload additional labs, please reach out to your Care Team in the app for assistance.

There isn’t a LabCorp near me. Can I go to any lab?

If there isn’t a LabCorp near you, we recommend checking your availability with Get Labs, a mobile lab company that comes to you to collect. You can check availability on the Get Labs website. If there’s no availability, you can try using your LabCorp order at your preferred lab. Some Noom Med participants have been able to use their LabCorp order at their preferred lab however, this isn’t always the case. We recommend contacting your preferred lab to verify. If you’re not able to use the order at a local lab, please contact your Care Team in the app to see what other options are available.

Where can I see my lab results?

You’ll be able to view your results directly on your LabCorp account. Your clinician will also review your lab results with you during your appointment.