Noom coaches’ best tips to overcome motivational slips

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Last updated Jul 21, 2022

As we head into the second half of the year, you may be finding that it’s getting harder to stick to any health goals you set. This is so normal. Motivation ebbs and flows, and there are a number of different reasons why you may find yourself feeling less motivated—what Noom calls motivational slips. While everyone experiences slips in motivation at different times, when you do, it’s common to feel like you’ll never be able to achieve your next goal. 

On a weight loss journey, there are a number of types of motivational slips Noomers experience.  We identified the top 3 challenges we see, and asked Noom coaches for their best tips on how to overcome the motivational slip and keep moving forward. 

I’ve set a goal, but I can’t get myself to start working toward it

Noom Coach: Lexie Abplanalp, NBC-HWC

“It can feel good when you get a jolt of inspiration to get moving on your goals, but accomplishing a task when you didn’t feel like it also boosts your endorphins and gives you the feeling of motivation. When I don’t feel like working toward a goal like exercising in the morning, I focus on a single step, such as setting my clothes out at night for my workout the next day. After you do take a step, notice how you feel and lean into that feeling of accomplishment—this can act as positive reinforcement.” 

Noom Coach: Chesley Foxworth, MA

“It’s inevitable to feel a slip in motivation after that initial steam starts to run out—it’s normal! During these times, I try to remind myself of my calendar for the year and what I’m looking forward to: weddings, birthdays, vacations, and so on. Reminding myself that these milestones are coming and visualizing what goals I want to achieve by then gives me that kickstart I need to keep going when it gets tough.

At Noom, we’re all about setting goals, but we also have quite a few tricks for making it easier to work toward them. The Noom program will help you uncover your “Super Goal,” or what you want to achieve by the end of the program, as well as your “Ultimate Why,” or the driving force behind your big goal to keep you motivated long-term. Keeping your Super Goal and Ultimate Why top of mind, and recommitting to them over the course of your journey, can help power you out of motivation debt. 

My motivation was high, but now it’s plummeting

Noom Coach: Katherine Morgan

“When you feel that initial burst of motivation, that’s your chance to take action. I recommend journaling where you are and what you’re feeling. Be sure to write down what things are fueling your inner fire so that you start to learn what motivation looks and feels like to you. When motivation starts to wane, read your personalized roadmap to navigate back to that feeling of motivation and consider putting yourself in a similar situation to recreate it all over again!”

Noom Coach: Ian McKenzie

“You may have heard that lasting change is more like a marathon than a sprint. At the beginning of every marathon, the runners start with a quicker speed and then settle into a steady pace. When the excitement of a new goal feels like it’s fading after starting strong, try to remember that that’s just how marathons work. This fading of motivation is an indicator that it is time to settle into a nice and steady pace toward your goals—one that’s sustainable. Keep moving!”

Noomers have a few secret weapons at their disposal when motivation wanes. One big one is called the Motivation SOS Plan. It’s a custom plan that helps us identify when your motivation levels are falling and then reaches out to you with personalized ideas to help get them back up. No one can avoid dips in motivation—the important thing is to plan ahead.

I’m doubting that I can actually achieve my goal

Noom Coach: Summer Payne, M. Ed.

“Take some time today to reflect on one thing about yourself that you are proud of and can help you achieve your goal. What qualities do you love about yourself? What are some of your strengths? This can help boost your confidence and help you feel empowered to create the life you imagine for yourself. The wonderful news is that you get to decide what healthy looks like for you, and you alone, but you’re never alone in the journey. That’s exciting!” 

Noom Coach: John Solle, ACE CPT

“It can be helpful to take inventory and reflect on your past wins. Writing these victories down and keeping them visible can help you stay motivated and focused on the life changes you desire to achieve and believe that you can (you have proof). Motivation is not always a constant force in our lives, but simple actions like this can help you feel powerful no matter what level your motivation is at—and stay on track.

Past attempts to lose weight, mixed feelings about prioritizing your health, and many other factors can make it challenging to stay motivated throughout your journey. At Noom, we have a number of strategies to help you identify when your own thoughts and beliefs are keeping you from your goals and empower you to reframe them to give yourself a motivational boost.