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The best calorie counter is not what you think

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Old-fashioned calorie counting is seen as an unavoidable part of weight loss. And the advent of slick mobile calorie trackers has certainly made it easier. But here’s the thing, calorie counters don’t work unless you do. The key to reaching your health goals is building awareness around what you eat, and more importantly, why you eat. Understanding what impacts your food choices, is the first and most important step in building healthier eating habits.

When you begin your journey, we’ll create a personalized calorie budget that takes into account a number of factors like your age, sex, lifestyle, and more, that can influence your ability to reach your health goals.

Why Noom is Better Than Calorie Counters

In your weight loss journey, there’s nothing stronger than building awareness.

To become more aware of what’s in the food you eat. To learn what triggers you make the choices you do. To understand what foods fill you and what foods fuel you.

To help increase your self-awareness, we one of the most extensive food databases around, with over 3.8 million food pairing options, hundreds of thousands of food items newly update barcode scanning, and nutrition information from over 850 restaurant.

After awareness comes change.

You’ll work with your Goal Specialist to make changes that help you reach your goals in ways that suit your lifestyle, your challenges, and your preferences. Together, you’ll experiment to get into a routine that feels good, and most importantly, one that you can sustain. Noom’s unique red/yellow/green color system will also guide your choices and help you make small changes every day. With hard work, dedication, and time, your routine will become second nature, full of new, healthy habits. That’s the power psychology and behavior change.

With change comes trust.

Unlike most programs, we don’t want you living off of frozen meals, counting calories, or obsessing over food forever.

The best “calorie counter” is you

Your body has an innate ability to let you know what it needs, when it needs it. It’s just that your body has been taken so far away from it’s internal cues that it will take time to get in touch with these needs. From food marketing and advertisements to your family and friends to the diet culture we live in, you’ve learned to take your food cues from everyone but you (and your body).

By identifying your external cues, you’ll can learn to navigate and own your food environment, and start to connect to your internal cues, with #PsychTricks, #PracticalTips, coping skills, and more.

With these strategies, our hope is to help you tune into, get back in sync with, and honor your body’s natural rhythms.

Over time, Noom’s goal is to help you:

  • Differentiate between at least 6 types of hunger, including:
    • Learned hunger
    • Mind hunger
    • Mouth hunger
    • Stomach hunger
    • Sense hunger
    • Soul hunger
  • Satisfy true hunger satisfying food choices (this means carrots and cookies, if you like cookies, of course!).
  • Respect your fullness cues.
  • Understand calorie needs will vary day to that your needs will vary.
  • Trust that if you continue to fuel your body, it will communicate its needs.
  • Find enjoyment in eating a variety of foods
  • Have a more structured plan to default to if you need extra support or guidance.

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