A Week of Mindfulness

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Last updated Mar 16, 2023

Are you wondering what the secret is to balancing life and work?  It’s mindfulness!

A mindful attitude is all you need to turn a busy schedule into a lighter load. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy cycle of routine and responsibilities. Activities that you do each day may begin to feel mundane or lackluster. Why not redefine your work-life balance to embrace more leisure and enthusiasm? When mindfulness is brought to those activities, a new experience is created. You might find yourself doing the same daily tasks with greater energy, more fulfillment, and focus. Give yourself permission to do less, delegate more, slow down, single task, and say no kindly.

You deserve time to yourself. You have the right to occasionally disconnect – so you can reconnect within you! It’s just as important as meeting those everyday demands. Before beginning your day, and throughout it, check in with yourself; assess your energy, mood, and presence. Try your best to stay mindful of what you’re doing. Remember to divide your work-life balance into a pie of equal pieces and enjoy each mindfully.

To get started, we’ve put together inspiration for a mindful week. 

Monday: Observe.

Take notice of your feelings/thoughts and how they change through the day. The environment around you is constantly changing.  Stay aware of your surroundings at any given time.

Tuesday: Taste.

Use your five senses when eating. Identify what you like and don’t like about the food you eat. How is your body responding to the food you’ve just ate? Each bite of food, eaten slowly, allows you to distinguish different textures, flavors, temperatures, and aromas.  

Wednesday: Listen.

Be aware of your hunger and satiety signals. Detect when your body craves movement. Know when your brain needs rest. Mindfully listening to your body and brain is one of the most important skills you can possess.

Thursday: Organize.

Tidy up places you spend the most time. Aim for simplicity. Write a to do list with urgent and non-urgent tasks. A de-cluttered space welcomes greater opportunity to improve productivity.

Friday: Gratitude.

Appreciate the now. Cherish the gifts in everyday. Say “thank you” daily. Pick out something you are grateful for each day.

Saturday: Visualize.

Imagine what makes you happiest. See yourself concentrating on the task in front of you. Create a picture in your mind of you going through your regular day with more awareness.

Sunday: Plan.

Prepare yourself for the week ahead. Put yourself in a mindful state of being. Invest your preparation efforts before the week begins to make time to be in the moment.

Share with us how you stay mindful on busy days in the comments below!