10 healthy recipes for the perfect summer picnic

by | May 26, 2022 | Last updated May 26, 2022

What is it about the sun and a checkered blanket that makes us want to eat our favorite foods? With picnic season upon us, it’s tempting to snack on a family size bag of chips and a whole plate of brownies. While we definitely promote giving yourself the gift of your beloved grub, having healthy options on hand can help you stick to your health goals. Here are 10 recipes to enjoy at your next picnic. 

1. Potato salad  

What’s a picnic without a potato salad? This healthy take on the classic subs out some of the mayo for Dijon and vinegar. It cuts half the fat and is still delicious. (Bonus tip: You can also make this vegetarian-friendly if you swap out the mayo for Greek yogurt based mayo.)

2. Rainbow veggie pinwheels 

Filled to the brim with veggies, chicken, and ranch spread, this wrap is portable, poppable, and extremely filling. 

3. Avocado cucumber sushi roll 

Sushi can feel like a scary thing to tackle, but we promise these easy-to-make bites will be the VIP of the picnic. Feel free to mix and match ingredients, but just remember fish and sun equal disaster, so keep the veggies and fruits facing outwards! 

4. Grilled corn salsa

Six ingredients are all you need to make this delicious dip—just add the chips in the next recipe to round this out. (You can also throw this on top of a salad or on top of a taco.)

5. Spiced pita chips 

Whole wheat pita, olive oil, and all of the spices equals chip magic. This healthier-for-you version is crunchy, flavorful, and pairs well with just about anything. 

6. Greek salad skewers

Let’s face it: things just taste better when they’re on a stick. This holds true for these Greek salad skewers. And with only four ingredients plus Greek vinaigrette, they’ll put salads in a bowl to shame. 

7. Spinach and mushroom quiche 

Quiches are truly the unsung heroes of picnics. They’re easy to transport and you can eat them like a slice of pizza. This quiche comes without the crust and is filled with yummy veggies and cheese. 

8. Basil cucumber gin cooler

Refreshing drinks are the star of many a picnic. This one—made of muddled cucumber, basil, lemon juice, gin, and a splash of seltzer—does the job while keeping you aligned with your daily calorie goals.

9. Yogurt bark 

Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, honey, and some vanilla make this breakable treat perfect for sharing at your next get together. 

10. Banana cream pie granola parfaits

The mention of “cream” can scare people off, but these desserts made with lower-fat options (like yogurt) will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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