67 easy, healthy keto recipes for weight loss

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Last updated Feb 25, 2023

Weight loss requires a calorie deficit, which can be challenging on a high-fat, low-carb diet like keto. 

A gram of fat is also more than twice as calorie-dense as a gram of carbohydrates, so you can’t just swap fat for carbs in favorite recipes.  

To lose weight on the keto diet, you’ll need low-calorie meal options. With that in mind, we’ve collected 67 healthy keto recipes that are easy to make—and all under 500 calories with a low amount of carbs.

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Keto breakfast recipes

You’ve said goodbye to your favorite cereal, and now you have the green light to eat as much bacon as you want.

Well… not quite. 

Don’t get us wrong—bacon is a delicious breakfast staple. But it is possible to have too much of a good thing (especially when you’re trying to maintain a calorie deficit)?

Stick to your weight-loss goals by starting your day with one of these savory keto breakfasts. 

1. Keto frittata with asparagus from The Foodie Affair (186 calories, 6g carbs)

2. Keto egg wrap with collard greens from Mark’s Daily Apple (395 calories, 8g carbs)

3. Avocado smoked salmon omelet from Eating Well (323 calories, 5.3g carbs)

4. Goat cheese and spinach omelet from Ketogasm (281 calories, 4g carbs)

5. Spinach bacon onion crustless quiche from Low Carb Maven (327 calories, 6.5g carbs)

6. Bacon and egg cups from Seasonal Cravings (155 calories, 1g carbs)

7. Easy keto biscuits and gravy from Hey Keto Mama (408 calories, 7g carbs)

If you’re more of a sweet breakfast person, we’ve got good news: You don’t need to say goodbye to French toast and pancakes on keto. 

Coconut and almond flours come to the rescue in these healthy keto weight loss recipes. 

8. Keto French toast from My Keto Kitchen (405 calories, 7g carbs)

9. Keto blueberry muffins from I Breathe I’m Hungry (266 calories, 7g carbs)

10. The best almond flour keto crepes from Wholesome Yum (125 calories, 2g carbs)

11. Fluffy almond flour pancakes from Low Carb Yum (335 calories, 8g carbs)

Keto lunch recipes

No more throwing meat and cheese between two slices of bread and calling it lunch—most traditional sandwiches won’t work with the keto diet. 

While cutting carbs makes lunch a bit more complicated for PB&J lovers, it’s an opportunity to experiment with new flavors and textures. 

Expand your repertoire with these exciting keto-friendly lunch ideas. 

12. Caprese-stuffed avocado from That Low Carb Life (274 calories, 11g carbs)

13. Singapore-style stir fry from My Keto Kitchen (430 calories, 11g carbs)

14. Greek chicken meal prep bowls from Wholesome Yum (287 calories, 7g carbs)

15. Slow-cooker Vietnamese pulled chicken from Eating Well (157 calories, 7.8g carbs)

Salad is another quick and easy lunchtime staple that fits on any keto weight loss menu. 

Kick it up a notch with one of these delicious recipes. (Jalapeno poppers and chicken salad in one? Don’t mind if we do.)

16. Avocado Greek salad from Cafe Delites (305 calories, 12g carbs)

17. Egg salad from Downshiftology (197 calories, 1g carbs)

18. Jalapeno popper chicken salad from Healthy Little Peach (400 calories, 3.4g carbs)

19. Big Mac cheeseburger salad from Wholesome Yum (368 calories, 3g carbs)

20. Keto broccoli salad with cheese and bacon from Low Carb Yum (390 calories, 9g carbs)

Soup is a great option for lunch (or dinner) when you’re looking to lose weight. Why? Soup helps fill you up without a lot of calories because of its high water content. 

Even better, you can save time by making a batch of one of these keto-friendly soups to eat throughout the week. 

21. Tuscan sausage soup from Healthy Little Peach (202 calories, 9g carbs)

22. Keto broccoli cheese soup from The Foodie Affair (458 calories, 7g carbs)

Keto dinner recipes

Eating the same dinners week after week gets boring. From Tex-Mex to Asian-inspired, these healthy keto meals are packed with flavors that please a variety of palates—even the little ones—without a big fuss.

23. Malaysian chicken curry from Low Carb Yum (357 calories, 11g carbs)

24. Chorizo sausage stuffed poblano peppers from Ketogasm (269 calories, 7.3g carbs)

25. Keto teriyaki shrimp skewers from Low Carb Maven (163 calories, 4.7g carbs)

26. Pulled pork carnitas from My Keto Kitchen (253 calories, 2g carbs)

27. Air fryer scallops wrapped in bacon from The Foodie Affair (39 calories, 1g carbs)

28. Shredded chicken chili from Ketogasm (201 calories, 7g carbs) 

29. Seared steak with chimichurri dressing from BBC Good Food (452 calories, 1g carbs)

30. Keto shepherd’s pie from Healthy Little Peach (283 calories, 13g carbs)

31. Easy keto pot roast with beef from I Breathe I’m Hungry (393 calories, 3g carbs)

32. Creamy baked chicken thighs with mushrooms and bacon from Cafe Delites (524 calories, 6g carbs)

33. Keto loaded cauliflower casserole from Crispy Food Idea (298 calories, 7.4g carbs)

34. 20-minute keto pizza from Gimme Delicious (249 calories, 5g carbs)

For quick and easy cleanup, try one of these tasty one-pan keto dinner recipes. 

35. Sheet pan chicken and Brussels sprouts from Seasonal Cravings (374 calories, 11g carbs)

36. One-pot taco skillet from Saucy Kitchen (218 calories, 10g carbs)

37. Chinese salt and pepper chicken from Low Carb Yum (362 calories, 6g carbs)

When you’re looking for a light dinner, try these lemon-forward, seafood-based keto dinner recipes. 

38. Lemon herb baked salmon from Healthy Little Peach (331 calories, 2.3g carbs)

39. Garlicky lemon mahi-mahi from Delish (200 calories, 0g carbs)

40. Low-carb keto shrimp scampi with zucchini noodles from Wholesome Yum (341 calories, 6.5g carbs)

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Keto snack recipes

If you feel hungry or deprived between meals, you might be more likely to forget about your weight loss goals and reach for the nearest bag of potato chips without thinking. 

These keto-friendly snacks can give you a midday boost (without all those extra carbs). 

Smoothies are a quick and healthy option and can be super satiating when you include fiber-rich greens and healthy fats like avocado.

41. Green goji berry smoothie from Seasonal Cravings (65 calories, 11g carbs) 

42. Avocado smoothie from Ketogasm (81 calories, 7.6g carbs)

43. Keto strawberry vanilla smoothie from I Breathe I’m Hungry (149 calories, 8g carbs)

Make a batch of these sweet and savory keto snacks to eat on the go throughout the week. All of these recipes keep for at least a few days on the counter or in the fridge. 

44. Baked cheddar parmesan cheese crisps from Wholesome Yum (152 calories, 1g carbs)

45. Must-try banana bread from Sugarless Crystals (288 calories, 7.7g carbs)

46. Broccoli cheese bites from My Keto Kitchen (59 calories, 1g carbs)

47. Baked kale chips from Allrecipes (58 calories, 7.6g carbs)

48. Keto pumpkin spice monkey bread muffins from I Breathe I’m Hungry (187 calories, 5g carbs)

49. Savory keto muffins from The Foodie Affair (185 calories, 1g carbs)

50. Low-carb keto tortilla chips from Wholesome Yum (220 calories, 8g carbs)

If you have company—or even just a few minutes to make something fresh—try one of these healthy keto snacks. 

51. Air fryer green bean fries from Healthy Little Peach (148 calories, 10g carbs)

52. Bacon-wrapped cheese sticks from Low Carb Yum (279 calories, 0g carbs)

53. Avocado deviled eggs from Foolproof Living (80 calories, 2g carbs)

54. Low-carb zucchini fritters from Gimme Delicious (76 calories, 3g carbs)

Keto dessert recipes

You don’t have to skip dessert to lose weight, even on the keto diet. These delicious desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth—sans sugar.

Try one of these decadent-tasting recipes without going overboard on carbs. 

55. Simply delicious sugar-free cheesecake from Your Lighter Side (351 calories, 8g carbs)

56. Keto chocolate mousse from Wholesome Yum (318 calories, 3.4g carbs)

57. Keto ice cream bars from My Keto Kitchen (218 calories, 8g carbs)

58. No-bake carrot cake bars from Healthy Little Peach (181 calories, 6g carbs)

59. White chocolate peanut butter balls from KimspiredDIY (41 calories, 3g carbs)

60. Keto chocolate mug cake from Low Carb Maven (272 calories, 7g carbs)

61. Keto cupcakes from My Keto Kitchen (248 calories, 6g carbs)

62. Keto pumpkin chai coffee cake from I Breathe I’m Hungry (367 calories, 10g carbs)

63. Keto caramel slice (millionaire’s shortbread) from Gimme Delicious (297 calories, 8g carbs)

If you’re in the mood for something light and fruity, try one of these keto-friendly treats. 

64. Keto peach cobbler from Low Carb Yum (222 calories, 9g carbs)

65. Keto fruit pizza from The Foodie Affair (151 calories, 10g carbs)

66. Mango popsicles from Seasonal Cravings (55 calories, 10g carbs)

67. Keto lemon pound cake from Wholesome Yum (248 calories, 6g carbs)

Learn how to lose weight on keto 

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do keto. But at Noom Weight, we recommend focusing on whole, nutritious foods for weight loss (no matter what diet you follow). 

But we also know there’s more to losing weight on the keto diet than just cutting carbs and eating whole foods. It’s about overcoming less-than-healthy habits—that have sometimes been ingrained over decades—and redefining our relationship with food. 

Find out how Noom can help you reach your keto weight loss goals.