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Does the 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan actually work?

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Cecilia Snyder, MS, RD

The 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan. Go ahead… try and say that 3 times fast! By the end of those three repetitions and with a simple snap of the fingers, you’ll be able to reset all of your body’s hormones and finally lose weight all at the same time! Sounds amazing, right? Well, it’s not exactly that simple. But the 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan would like you to think it is. Don’t believe me? Take a look at one of their infomercials. Founder and CEO Donna Krech will speed through an entire overview of their program in less than one minute. And you won’t actually learn much about what the program entails except that it is “fast, safe, and easy to follow.” Oh yeah, and that you’ll lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Twenty pounds in just 30 days? I’m going to need to start a new paragraph before I even begin to approach that claim!

Now this weight loss plan might be one of the latest crazes to hit the market, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it one of the greatest. Let’s break down some of their initial claims to try and uncover more about what this plan is actually all about, and what you can expect from the “wellness experts” who will guide you through the 20/30 Fast Track Plan. At the end of the article, I’ll leave all of the final judgements up to you. But just in case you decide that the 20/30 Fast Track Plan is not right for you, I’ll also tell you all about another weight loss program that has true potential to help you achieve life-long results and stop dieting for good.       

The 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan Claims

Okay, let’s get right down to it. What exactly IS the 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan? The name doesn’t reveal all that much except for the general assumption that hormones are likely involved. According to the plan’s website…

“The 20/30 Fast Track Plan will adjust your hormones, so you can finally lose the weight, and solve a variety of other health issues. There are 7 different hormones that can make it virtually impossible for you to lose weight. Especially if you’re over 35. The 20/30 Fast Track Plan Addresses Those Hormones, And You WILL Lose Weight.”

The website also goes on to suggest that these 7 hormones are the sole reason why you’ve never been able to lose weight successfully in the past. And that with a few small tweaks to those hormones and your body chemistry, you’ll begin to see results immediately. Immediate results–now that’s a pretty lofty claim. Could these couple of hormones really make that big of a difference?

Can Hormones Really Help or Hinder Weight Loss?

Well there’s no denying that hormones are heavily involved in weight loss. In fact, since hormones are responsible for stimulating or cells and tissues into action, they play a role in just about all of our bodily functions in one way or another. But unless the 20/30 Fast Track Plan knows something that we don’t, some of the science on weight loss and hormones is still young and evolving. So maybe a better question to ponder here is not whether or not hormones actually have an effect on weight loss (of course they do!), but instead… how exactly does the 20/30 Fast Track Plan adjust those hormones for you? Which hormones are they even talking about? It’s not exactly clear right off the bat, but after doing a little digging, I was able to find some videos online that walk through the program in a bit more depth. Here’s what I learned…   

Even after watching a step-by-step explanation of the process, the most it reveals is that each 20/30 Fast Track kit contains one bottle of “homeopathic drops” that will serve as “the impetus to begin the fat burning process.” Now these aren’t just any old drops. And although it’s not clear exactly what is in them… they do come with a set of very specific set of instructions on how to consume them. Exactly five drops (but no more) must be taken precisely 15 minutes before you eat your three meals of the day. Because of course each person that purchases a 20/30 Fast Track kit is bound to eat three meals and three meals only each day… right? Now don’t slack on the five drops only suggestion, because if you happen to run out before the 30 days is up, you’ll need to purchase an additional bottle to make sure that the fat burning continues. Oh and one last thing! You can’t have anything else in your mouth for at least 15 minutes before and after you take the drops… no water, no gum, no nothing. Anyone else having traumatic flashbacks to the last time they had fluoride applied at the dentist’s office?

Is the 20/30 Fast Track Plan Truly Fast, Safe, and Easy to Follow?

Well now that we know that the fast track hormones are all about, what about the rest of the plan? Surely the homeopathic drops alone can’t be responsible for helping your lose 20 pounds in just 30 days. Of course not. Next, you’ll also be provided with a set of paper meal logs to fill out each day. And you’ll be given a strict list of foods that you can and can’t have during the full 30 day process. You’ll also be told that if a food is not on the list you’ve been provided with, then it shouldn’t be going in to your mouth at any time over the next 30 days. Excuse me, say what?

I suppose this means you’ll be having most of your meals at home for the next month, and that you need to have plenty of time to devote to meal prep each week. In fact, the 20/30 Fast Track Plan itself even describes this as “a very structured program that includes all grocery store foods.” Not only are the food boundaries strict, but you’ve got to limit your physical activity in these first 30 days as well. Exercise isn’t a required piece of the program, but if you do decide to get active, the only activities allowed include Zumba, yoga, or a 20 minute walk. Anything more is bound to spike your adrenals and stop the fat burning process right in its tracks. And last but not least, if you want to be able to access all of the programs recipes and resources, have your questions answered, or receive support from other participants in the program, you’ll have to make sure you have an active Facebook account in order to do so. I’ll let you think this one over for a few minutes and decide whether or not this meets your own definition of “easy.”

But what about the safety of a program like the 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan? This one is a question that I might be able to help you answer. If you’re wondering where the name “20/30 Fast Track” comes from, it seems to suggest that program participants can expect to lose 20 pounds over the course of the 30 day program. If we break those numbers down… that’s more than ½  a pound of weight loss each day. For a little perspective here, the CDC recommends one to two pounds of weight loss per week as a healthy rate. And with a program like Noom, you can anticipate just that–losing anywhere from ½ and two pounds of weight each week. Speaking of Noom, now that we’ve covered the 20/30 Fast Track Plan in more depth, let’s see how the Noom plan stacks up.     

Noom: A Safe and Sustainable Approach to Weight Loss

So what sets Noom apart from the 20/30 Fast Track Plan? Well for starters, we will never tell you exactly what to eat or what not eat. Instead, Noom will provide you with a color guide to help you learn how to include all foods in your diet with balance and moderation. In addition, Noom will also provide you with your very own health coach to help you interpret that guide and apply the suggestions to your own personal circumstances. And even better yet, with Noom, you won’t need to bust out the pen and paper after every meal in order to track your calorie intake throughout the day. Instead, you’ll be able to utilize our award-winning mobile app technology right from the palm of your hand as you log your meals and your weight, scan through your daily articles, and check in with your coach and your group mates.   

What about the hormones though? How could you ever achieve your weight loss goals without them? Don’t worry, Noom has you covered there as well! But instead of encouraging you to rely “homeopathic drops” in order to reset your hormone levels, Noom will teach you all about the actual factual science of hormones. Through your personalized Noom course, you’ll learn all about hunger and satiety hormones like leptin and ghrelin and you’ll also have access to information on how hormones come into play with topics like PCOS, the mind-body connection, and navigating hormones while you are on your cycle. And last but not least, if you sign up with a program like the 20/30 Fast Track Hormone Weight Loss Plan, you can expect to be told things like “every ounce counts” and that there is something wrong if you’ve noticed that the scale hasn’t moved in a few days. But at Noom, you’ll be reminded that plateaus are normal, and that what is more important than seeing the scale dip down ½ pound each and every day is focusing on finding the sustainable lifestyle habits and solutions that will work for you now and forever. Not for just the next 20 pounds or the next 30 days. Thinking about giving it a shot? Take a look here to learn more about your subscription options.