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40 surprising things to feel grateful for

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Last updated May 2, 2022

Dani Kam, Content Writer at Noom

I don’t know about you, but the words “gratitude journal” make me want to lock myself in my room and never come out. It’s not that I don’t believe in the science of gratitude (I do)—studies show that recognizing and being thankful for the good stuff in your life is pretty powerful (better sleep, better relationships, feeling more optimistic).

But because gratitude has turned into an entirely different beast of boasting and “being better than” (thanks to social media), it can often feel really corny and fake. Like, why am I thanking the universe for sidewalks when I tripped on one and spilled hot chocolate all over my white sweater? So, instead of forcing myself to feel grateful for everything that crosses my path, I remind myself of the simple—but equally important—pleasures I experience in this life. 

Here are 40 examples of fun things you can be grateful for—sans having to jot it down. 

  1. When the song’s ending is perfectly timed with your arrival at your destination. 
  2. Your morning cup of coffee.
  3. The mere existence of streaming services. 
  4. Sales! We love a good deal. 
  5. The little corn-shaped corn-on-the-cob holders. Inspired! 
  6. Metal straws. Fancy and environmentally friendly.
  7. When your takeout order is delivered to you before the ETA.
  8. How your mattress has perfectly molded to fit all of your curves and edges. 
  9. Adele. The voice of our generation. 
  10. That feeling when you finish a really good book and you wish you could start it all over again. 
  11. Buffalo chicken dip. Seriously, whoever invented this can take all of my money. 
  12. The nap you take on vacation post-tanning, when you’re freshly showered and perfectly warm from your sunburn. 
  13. The color emerald. I mean, it’s gorgeous. 
  14. Plants. They help us breathe and are just darling. 
  15. Dogs. Do I need to explain?
  16. The post-salon feeling when you don’t have to wash your hair for three days and it still looks amazing. 
  17. The feeling of a long weekend where you don’t have Sunday scaries. 
  18. Candles. Truly an olfactory wonder. 
  19. Ariana Grande’s ponytail. Iconic. 
  20. French onion soup. Cheesy. Carb-y. Onion-y. A triple threat.
  21. Keanu Reeves. The man’s a national treasure. 
  22. Shrek. It’s a cinematic masterpiece. And you can quote me on that. 
  23. People who don’t clap on airplanes. Not all heroes wear capes. 
  24. Reality TV. Watching other people’s drama unfold—where do I sign up?
  25. Your favorite feature. Personally, I have gorgeous toes.
  26. When you get a stain out with expert-level accuracy. 
  27. Shooting for the trash can and making it. 
  28. Fuzzy slippers. The pinnacle of comfort.  
  29. No-meeting days. 
  30. Smart phones. T9 Word? Don’t know her. 
  31. The scent of freshly cut grass.
  32. The scent of permanent markers. (Just me?)
  33. When you’re thinking about someone and then they call or text you. 
  34. That jacket you almost didn’t buy seven years ago but you wear it all the time and you’re so glad you made that purchase. 
  35. People who look like their pets. This is just fantastic.
  36. Pets with human names. Hear me out: a Havanese named Trish. 
  37. Memes. Specifically, this one
  38. Electricity. Thanks, Ben!
  39. Corn dogs. Portable snacks are magnificent.
  40. When your past self proactively changed your sheets so you have a fresh bed to hop into when you get back from a trip.

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