Yes You Can! Diet Plan: What are the pros and cons?

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Diet plans today are a HUGE commodity. With different programs, methods, and products it can be hard to determine what will be safest and most effective. The Yes You Can! Diet Plan is one such program that uses meal replacements, supplements, and coaches to help their clients achieve weight loss. The company has a multi-level marketing structure where coaches are encouraged to work with their clients, build a team, and sell Yes You Can! products. It’s important to remember that all programs have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look into the Yes You Can! approach and how it compares with Noom.

Yes You Can! Program and Noom’s Program

Established in 2012, Yes You Can!’s program was created by a Latin-American celebrity who lost weight and was inspired to help others do the same. He worked to gather methods and ingredients to develop his company’s products and “claims” to have worked with health industry professionals to do so. This may sound well and good….buuuut that doesn’t mean the program will be effective for long term success. There are fun challenges for customers to participate in and recipes to use and there is a Nutrition Guide that tells you what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat. While this approach may work for some, it may not work for others.

You’re probably thinking “Sign me up! Gimme all the answers!” but before you do…what are you really learning about your lifestyle if someone just hands you all the answers. Ever heard that Chinese proverb about fishing? There’s some Great White sized truth to that here. Yes You Can! appears to be missing what is at the root of almost all behavior change. Psychology. The Noom program guides you and supports you to find the answers for yourself in your journey to weight loss. Research suggests that coaching over education unlocks motivation and builds self-efficacy towards lasting behavior change to keep weight off for good.

Yes You Can! Coaching and Noom Coaching

This may be the area with the most differences! Understanding the business model of Yes You Can! sheds insight into the coaching clients receive. First, Yes You Can! is structured as a network marketing company that uses direct selling to promote it’s growth. In some industries, this structure isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to your health, you may want to keep an eye out. Yes You Can! “coaches” are actually individuals in business for themselves and purchase product for their own use or to sell to customers. While this may be an easy way to get your protein powder, the “coaching” you may receive may not actually be coaching at all. Not only that but anyone can be become a coach. There are NO certification modules, credentialing, or requirements.

Noom on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Coaches are….well coaches. Trained to coach you to your goals not to sell you products that claim to get you there. Noom’s coaches have a minimum of a 4 year degree in fields like psychology, health promotion, exercise science, nutrition, or education to just name a few. Noom coaches go through continuous professional development and growth to be experts in the way they help app users change behavior, lose weight, and practice a healthy lifestyle. On top of this, Noom is accredited by the National Consortium for Creditionally Health and Wellness Coaches in order to prepare them for board certification. It may just sound fancy but this credentialing is important for your health, safety, and effectiveness.

Yes You Can! Diet and the Noom Lifestyle

Of course we saved the best for last. Diet versus lifestyle change. Weight loss has been extensively studied for well over a decade. What’s been found so far is that diets simply don’t work in the long run. Research suggests that those who “diet” may lose anywhere between 5-10% of their body weight initially but it almost always come back with some gaining more weight than they had sought out to lose in the first place. The Yes You Can! Diet uses meal replacement shakes to take the place of some whole foods to drastically cut calories in one foul swoop. The Yes You Can! plan also incorporates pill supplements, which is generally a big NO. This may sound like a quick fix but in the end it’s a fix that doesn’t stick. While the US Food and Drug Administration does (kinda…sorta…) regulate supplements created for weight loss but there isn’t enough information on them to understand their safety and whether or not they actually work because most aren’t classified as prescription drugs.

Noom couldn’t be anymore different from this idea behind achieving weight loss. No supplements or replacements needed. Noom encourages using real food, for real change and practicing moderation along with lifestyle habits like exercise and stress management that promote a healthy weight. This teaches and empowers you to take control of those foods that the replacements are teaching you to avoid. The idea of a lifestyle based approach combined with cognitive factors for behavior change has been cited as one of the more effective methods for not only losing weight but keeping it off.

The Bottom Line: Yes You Can! And Noom

At the end of the day it’s important to do a little digging before deciding on which program may be best for helping you lose weight. Not every program is created equally and different things will work for different people. Yes You Can! is a program that uses pricey replacement and supplemental products to help those in business with them make an extra paycheck. While there are resources that talk about lifestyle change the setup of Yes You Can! may only support short-term weight loss. Noom takes a different stance in that the psychological aspects in the coaching and program materials promote habit change for weight loss and long-term success. Break the dieting cycle today with Noom and create healthy habits that stick with you for life!

Author: Amanda Cofer, MPH