5 Best Juice Recipes for Fast Weight Loss

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Looking to lose weight and get healthy without a restrictive weight loss plan? We’re not going to lie. Losing weight is difficult and keeping it off is practically unheard of. If you’re trying to lose weight but struggle with eating enough fruits and veggies, why not drink some of them? For a lot of people starting out on a healthier eating and weight loss journey, juicing can be a great way to make leafy greens like kale and spinach more enjoyable with the addition of a little fruit juice – or beet juice! – for sweetness.

If you’re considering trying out a juice cleanse, juice fasting or some juice recipes for weight loss, these 5 best juicer recipes for weight loss can help you quickly ramp up your nutrient intake with lots of essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, antioxidants and more – and kick start weight loss that is actually sustainable.

Of course, Noom advocates steady weight loss over time rather than fast weight loss that you gain back later. No juice cleanse, juice fast, or juicing diet is going to make you lose weight long term, but they can help you develop better eating habits, learn more about fruits and vegetables, and appreciate the effects of consuming more whole, raw produce as a foundation of a healthy diet. So with these benefits of juicing in mind, take a look at our spin on these weight loss juice recipes that are so good you’ll never want to give them up.

Making juicing for weight loss easier on your time and budget 

Want to cut back on spending while you shed pounds? In order to save time, you can organize, chop, and portion out your ingredients the night before. This will help you keep track of your inventory and cut down on food waste. During a juice cleanse, it is typically recommended that fresh juice be consumed right away for maximum nutrient benefit – but it’s always an option to prepare fresh juice the night before. Just drink it within 24 hours and we won’t tell anyone. 

Juicing for weight loss, hydration, and nutrition 

Juicing is a terrific and fun way to hydrate and get more essential nutrients into the body quickly while also helping you succeed in your weight loss goals over time. So take these rapid weight loss juicing recipes and add them to your arsenal of new foods that will help you build a sustainable weight loss plan. And if you’re ready for some expert guidance from certified coaches, plus more recipe ideas and an incredibly supportive community, come learn more about Noom. After all, juicing is just one piece of a much larger weight loss puzzle. We can help you find the other pieces.