How to lose 20 pounds while keeping your sanity

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Whether you are looking to lose 5 pounds or 150 pounds, Noom can help you do it! Why do we believe Noom is the best approach for sustainable weight loss? Because we focus on building sustainable habits that work for YOU! We believe this approach not only helps you reach your goals but also helps you enjoy the process, not dread it! Let’s take a closer look at what a weight loss journey using the Noom app includes!

Trying to lose weight? Here’s square one

From the very beginning of the Noom program, the focus is on you! You will fill out a brief survey including information on your current height, weight, and health history. You will also highlight your weight goal and other lifestyle behaviors! After completing the survey, Noom will provide you with a timeline of when you can expect to reach your goal weight. Once you begin your program you will also have the ability to control your weight loss speed to find the most sustainable approach to reaching your goals! Whether that’s the pace of a turtle or a cheetah, Noom will support you along the way!  

    Customized weight loss timeline based on survey results

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach

Upon starting the program, you will have 24/7 access to your personal coach as well as another layer of support from your group! We know that times can get tough during weight loss and that things don’t always go how we want or even expect! Motivation ebbs and flows, life gets in the way, and progress stalls! These are the times you can count on your personal coach for motivating feedback, support, and powerful psychology strategies that can help you navigate things such as stress, cravings, and progress! We believe that weight loss is a team sport and that no one should go at it alone! How does Noom help you work with your coach to track progress throughout your journey? By focusing on both specific short and long term goals!

SMART Goals for Losing Weight

When it comes to goal setting we believe it’s important to have both short and long term goals. Your long term goal may relate to reaching your weight loss goal or a fitness milestone! To reach these long term goals (Super Goals as we call them), it is just as important to set short and measurable goals! SMART goals are a scientifically proven approach to goal setting that allow you to clearly measure and assess progress on a goal! SMART goals are a big part of our program because they allow for ongoing measurement of progress. Setting and achieving several short term SMART goals can help you sustainably accomplish those long term Super Goals! This all sounds great doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it gets better!

A Weight Loss App You’ll Actually Like

On top of personalized support from your coach, goal setting, and a scientifically backed program, you also get the benefit of technology that keeps YOU in mind! The Noom weight loss app allows you to not only log your food and exercise but also find the calorie budget and approach that is most sustainable for you! We don’t believe in cutting foods out or super low calorie. We believe in finding balance that will sustain and help keep you sane! As you learn your habits and gain awareness from logging you will be able to adjust your goals with your coach to focus on the areas that will benefit you the most!

Start your weight loss journey now. (Like, right now!)

This all sounds great doesn’t it? A sustainable approach backed by years of research and success? You’ve spent enough time dieting, it’s time to start living! Find your balance and lose weight for good!