Herbalife weight loss plan: Is it right for you?

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

According to their website, Herbalife is a “global nutrition company” that’s been around since 1980, with the goal of changing people’s lives with “great nutrition products & programs.”  They offer different programs depending on your specific goals including weight management, energy and fitness, personal care, and nutrition.

Their programs include:

  • Nutrition products
  • One-on-one coaching with independent Herbalife Nutrition distributors
  • Community support through distributor-run Nutrition Clubs
Products for the Herbalife weight loss plan

Herbalife’s products range in price from $40-$200. The core group of products includes meal replacements, vitamins, and more niche products around heart health, men/women’s health, and skin and hair care.

There are a number of reasons Noom doesn’t offer weight loss products:

    • Price: At Noom we believe access to coaching and support should not cause extra stress. For that reason, our subscriptions are affordable and we offer multiple options to help you find what is best for you!
    • Quality: We take a whole foods approach to nutrition, and encourage users to get the nutrients they need from foods vs. food products and supplements.
    • Sustainability: Our philosophy is simple — if you can’t keep up with something forever, we don’t want you doing it now. Most people cannot afford to purchase these food products for life, so for us, it’s not a viable option. And if you were to transition off of food products, it would most likely lead to a regression in your goals! Dependency on a specific product does not equal sustainability.


Coaching and the Herbalife weight loss plan

At its core, Herbalife is a nutrition product company. Their mission is to change lives through “great nutrition products” and based on that mission their coaching is similarly focused. An Herbalife “coach” is an independent distributor of the product who is focused on selling products to make a profit or recruiting others to sell products under them. These coaches have no requirements as far as health/coaching experience or education are concerned, but instead can begin “coaching” and selling products as soon as they purchase their supply from Herbalife.

At Noom, our coaches are experienced and come from diverse backgrounds. Our coaches have experience in fitness, nutrition, and psychology and we believe this is a crucial factor in the success of our coaching team! Coaches will use these experiences to help empower individuals to set and succeed in your unique weight loss goals. When the program is focused on clients needs and not dependent on purchasing and consuming a certain product, outcomes are far more successful and sustainable!

Community support with the Herbalife weight loss plan

The community aspect of Herbalife centers around the nutrition products. Herbalife Nutrition Clubs are independently owned by distributors and are usually cafes or smoothie bars where distributors can create communities of support while also trying to sell products and get others selling products for them. Support in any health journey is valuable but when these communities are centered around a specific product, the individual journey is lost.

At Noom, we believe group support allows individuals to learn from one another, support each other, and create lasting relationships. Your group coach is focused on facilitating discussion and creating challenges to help bring the group together. When communities are centered around growing, connecting, and supporting one another, the impact is far greater than when it is focused around a protein shake.

Remember, at Noom our philosophy is simple — if you can’t keep up with something forever, we don’t want you doing it now. Dependency on a specific product does not equal sustainability. If you are ready to develop the necessary habits for that long term success, get started today!