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5 Simple Steps To Connect With Your Inner Beauty

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Who doesn’t want to have it all when it comes to being confident?

Taking care of your physical body will always matter as long as you are a creature on this planet.

It’s healthy to have pride in your physical body and to want to look nice and feel attractive.

If you think the essence of who you are is limited to the number on the scale or the size of jeans you wear, you’re missing out on your true inner beauty and a source of strength and resilience.

Focusing on your inner beauty doesn’t mean that you stop making healthier choices. It simply means choosing to look beyond taking care of your physical being and working on taking care of your mind and spirit, too.

We’ve put together 5 simple steps to look inward and help you connect with your inner beauty:

1) Identify 3 inner qualities you like about yourself

Close your eyes and think about the inner qualities of other people that makes them attractive to you.Then, ask yourself, what qualities do I have that attracts my friends and loved ones? Write down three inner qualities you like about yourself. Examples include:

  • Presence – being totally “there” for the people around them
  • Positivity – exuding positive vibes and energy
  • Non-judgmental – avoiding harsh judgments and accepting people and situations as they are
  • Compassion – sharing your heart with others
2) Affirm your qualities

Say those three positive qualities out loud as affirmations (or “I am” statements).

For example: “I am brave. I am light-hearted. I am caring.”

This practice helps you acknowledge who you are on the inside, your true character.

3) Practice self-forgiveness.

What are some qualities or behaviors that you judge or criticize within yourself? For example, if you were inconsiderate to someone else’s feelings, what are you saying to yourself? Maybe it’s “I’m a rude person.” Or, “I don’t deserve to be loved.” Notice your self talk.

Rather than persecute yourself, be kind to yourself and forgive yourself!

Then place one hand over your heart and say, “I forgive myself for judging myself as ________.” Reframe that judgment by looking at it from a different perspective, filling in the blank with a less critical, more neutral statement about yourself, “The truth is ______.”

Self-forgiveness combined with “the truth is” statement will help you to let go of shame so that you can see a situation more clearly, and take appropriate actions.

4) Practice gratitude

Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and breathe deeply to connect within. Write down three things that make you happy to be alive.

5) Radiate love

Look yourself in the eye, smile, stand tall, and radiate the love that is inside you!

This simple process for connecting to your inner beauty is really about opening your eyes to what others already see within you, and doing your best to start to believe it. Strong self-image and sense of your inner beauty can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. And what makes you truly beautiful, your essence and inner radiance, will last a lifetime!

Author:  Anna Dajero