Dr Fisher Weight Loss Program: Is it safe & healthy?

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

At first glance, Dr. Fisher’s weight loss program looks like another promising process for weight loss. You are working with a Board Certified Physician that specializes in Weight Loss/Bariatrics. They have to know what they’re doing, right?

But yet, the description of this program talks about losing weight “quickly”. If we have learned ANYTHING about weight loss over the years, it is that there are no quick fixes. Think about it – the amount of time it took to put on the weight, it should take just as long, if not longer, to drop the pounds.

The other very alarming technique this program utilizes is appetite suppressants. Does using medication to starve and deprive yourself of food to lose weight sound like a safe and healthy way to go about it? To me, that is very irresponsible for a medical professional to purposefully allow patients to use appetite suppressants as a quick way to shed weight. There are so many other safer, healthier ways to lose weight. It just takes a little more time and patience.

Dr. Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss Program

So, after seeing the main reasons for Dr. Fisher’s “success”, let’s dive into how his program really works. The program starts off with an initial consult with a physician or nurse practitioner, who specializes in weight management. Then, required follow up visits are done biweekly or monthly, in the medical office. During these visits, nutrition counseling takes place, though no registered dietitians are on staff from what I can tell.

The program offers a personalized exercise program just for you. The schedule utilizes many areas of exercise including cardio, muscle toning, strength and resistance training. Having a wide variety of exercises allows patients to find routines they enjoy, while working all parts of their bodies. Some weight loss programs focus on one type of exercise or “spot training”, such as working just the abs, which has been proven not to work. So, one thing going for Dr. Fisher’s weight loss program? Getting a wide range exercise routine.

Pumping up with Products

Now, so far we have consultations with medical professionals, and an individualized workout program. Let’s talk about what makes this program stand out from the thousands of other weight loss processes, the suppressants:

“FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants to help you in behavior modification and correct eating habits.”

How on earth do you plan to modify your behaviors and eating habits when you are pushing away your appetite as if it does not exist!?! I am baffled. Taking an appetite suppressant teaches you nothing about why you make the choices you do, your relationship with food, or how to fuel your body correctly. Does it sound safe to just not eat? Or eat as few calories as possible? How are you supposed to have the energy to get through your personalized workout program, let alone just get through the day?

Deep breaths.

Here’s my last question about these magical pills that are supposed to help you drop pounds and increase your metabolism and energy – what happens when the program is over? How are patients supposed to wean off of these and begin eating normally again? What will happen to the weight they just lost? I’ll tell you; since they did not learn anything about how to change their eating habits, they will revert right back to old habits and put back on the weight. Then, they’re back to square one, looking for the next fad diet to try. And another victim falls into the diet circle of death.

Not only are patients offered capsules to curb their hunger, they are also given lipotropic injections. Just another too-good-to-be-true product to pump up your body; sounds safe, right? These injections allegedly increase and speed up fat removal from your figure. They also aid in preventing fat build up in the future, supposedly. In theory, these “fat melting” doses sounds like the perfect trick to not only help with losing weight, but preventing you from gaining again in the future. If something seems like it is too good to be true, it’s because 99.9% of them, it usually is.

Other products Dr. Fisher offers are items like diet shots, protein items and weight loss meals. The shot is designed to boost energy levels and increase metabolism. It is also recommended that each patient participates in a vitamin and mineral regimen, made up of mostly B complex vitamins. Since “rapid weight loss” takes a toll on the body, it is advised to keep up with nutrients your body may be missing out on. Interesting, all these products claim to increase metabolism and provide your body with vital nutrients, yet, none of it is from natural food. Wouldn’t eating whole foods be much easier and satisfying?

Wow. This program sounds tiring, not only mentally, but also physically. The stress patients put their bodies through with taking medications, vitamins and injections sounds like it can do the body more harm than good. While there has been success with Dr. Fisher’s weight loss program, pumping up your body with unnecessary products and depriving yourself of delicious, nutrient dense foods does not sound like a way to live. What ever happened to basic nutrition and good ol’ exercise?

Noom: Back to the Basics

Developing a healthier relationship with food is what Noom is all about. Instead of taking an extreme approach to weight loss, Noom’s program has no restrictions, no rules and no regimens that take away from food. Noom truly works on behavior modification, not suppressing your appetite.

The Noom app allows you to connect with coaches, from the comfort of your own home, at work or on the go. The convenience of having your support system in the palm of your hand increases the chances for success. App users work with what is called a goal specialist to create goals each week. Speaking with this coach in a one-on-one setting allows them to analyze food and exercise logs to steer clients towards productive, smaller goals. Breaking goals down into weekly increments makes that overall goal of weight loss seem more achievable. It takes away the stress and anxiety of the overall number on the scale.

You’ll Never Feel Alone

Along with the goal specialist comes the group coach. That’s right, two coaches! The group coach facilitates the group setting of the app. This is where you get to interact with fellow Noomers participating in the same journey as you. Something Dr. Fisher’s program is missing is this accountability. Not only from your coaches, but accountability and support from others who understand the feelings and emotions associated with this process. The group is a great place to celebrate your milestones and dig up motivation on those tough days. With the group, you’re never alone.

Facts, Figures and Fun!

So, where does behavior modification come into play? Noom’s app not only has food logging and coach interaction at your fingertips, but also daily content. This research based curriculum gives you the chance to learn all about why we make the decisions we make, how to adjust the behaviors, how our body reacts to different eating patterns and so much more. This structure is what most, if not all, weight loss programs are missing. Without learning, how to modify daily habits, you will never learn how to keep the weight off. The curriculum goes beyond what you can and cannot eat, but how you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.

Dr. Fisher’s Weight Loss Program vs. Noom: Which is Right for You?

After comparing Dr. Fisher’s plan to Noom, it poses the question, which is a better fit for you? If by taking supplements and depriving yourself of nutrition, while sticking yourself with needles sounds like the best approach, then Dr. Fisher is for you. But if accountability, support, science and vital nutrition, while eating your favorite foods sounds like a more delightful way to not only lose weight, but maintain weight loss, then Noom is for you!

Weight loss does not have to be strenuous on your body and it does not have to be about cutting things out of your life. Giving yourself freedom, flexibility and grace to live your life sets you up for successful, sustainable weight loss. Don’t let another extreme diet plan take the reins on your wallet. Block out that diet mentality, put on your healthy lifestyle pants, and get to

Author: Maggie Hudspeth, RDN