9 unconventional things I do that instantly put me in a good mood

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Last updated Feb 25, 2022

Dani Kam, Content Writer at Noom

I consider myself an expert in bad moods, because I’ve had a lot of them. And when I feel like the world (or my world) is crumbling, I either want to hermit and pretend nothing exists or yell into the ether—both valid, but not usually very helpful. That’s why when I was recently in a bad mood, I thought about all of the weird things that I do to improve it. I wondered how many other people engaged in the same type of tactics I did. And if not, would this perhaps help them with their bad moods, too? Well, good thing I’m a content writer here at Noom, because this is the perfect platform for me to share. Behold: my unconventional list of things that feel like a hug for your bad mood. 

1. Talk to myself aloud in different voices

Things just sound better when you say them in a different voice. Don’t believe me? You try saying “sounds like a scam” in an old-timey transatlantic accent and not laughing. Physically impossible. The best part about this one is that your renditions don’t need to be particularly good or recognizable, they are for your personal enjoyment and your personal enjoyment only. My personal favorite is a disgruntled grandma from Brooklyn mixed with my uncle from Georgia who has a parrot named Lloyd. Feel free to steal.

2. Dance to weird music

Or dance weirdly to music. Or dance weirdly to weird music. The limit does not exist! Pretend you’re an inflatable flailing arm man while listening to disco (10/10 recommend). Act like the leader of a marching band while fist-pumping to house music. Undulate like an eel while throwing it back to Broadway. Literally dance like no one—or everyone—is watching. Do it in front of the mirror so you can fully experience the show. 

3. Stare out the window and pretend I’m in a movie 

If you haven’t done this before you’re either lying to my face (rude) or you’ve never had fun in your life. You know how in every movie there’s a sad scene where the protagonist is moving away, or has to leave the love of their life involuntarily, or just perches while staring into the abyss, hoping for a better life? Do that and act like you’re on the silver screen. It’s inherently ridiculous and silly and makes you feel like a movie star. 

4. Make daily tasks into a song

Daily tasks and crossing things off your to-do list can feel hard. So, when I feel like I can’t peel myself out of bed or off of my crumb-covered couch, I make the things I need to do into a song. For example *clears throat* (to the tune of ‘God Bless America’) : “I really don’t want to do this, because it’s boring. But I’ll grin and I’ll bear it, so I have a clean plate to eat off.” See? Doing dishes is fun when you do it to the stylings of Irving Berlin. 

5. Narrate my life

While this may sound similar to my last tactic, I look at it as more of a mash-up between number one and number four. Think: David Attenborough in his prime. There’s something so satisfying about narrating the things you’re doing like you’re on an episode of “Planet Earth.” Even if it’s something particularly mundane, it makes the whole experience so much funnier. For example, recently I stubbed my toe so hard that there was blood, and I had just gotten a pedicure so my toenail was effectively ruined. Definitely not the worst that could happen, but annoying when you’re already having a bad day. As I cared for my wounded pinky toe, I said, “Watch as the shell of a human sits in her habitat to care for her wounds. She reaches into the medicine cabinet to procure an anti-bacterial solution as well as a bandage to wrap her gash in. She slowly crawls back to her cave, making sure to be as silent and swift as possible, so as to not get injured again.” 

6. Find pictures of my dog and talk to him like he’s physically with me 

As I’m sure most people could relate, I am obsessed with my dog. His name is Jagger and he is extremely long and weird like me. We also have the same birthday, but you probably don’t care about that. Whenever I’m feeling “blegh,” I scroll through my phone just to look at how cute he is and speak to him like I would in person. Anything from “oh hello bubby!” to “oh my god little sir I love you so much, you’re so fluffy and so mushy” is fair game. 

7. Engage in my own take on creative visualization 

I’m warning you: this one is very weird. But also? Very effective. A lot of the time, my bad moods are caused by other people. A friend said something mean, a stranger did something annoying, a family member pushed my buttons. So, when my gears are grinded, I imagine that the subject of my anger is wearing high heels and a diaper. (Before you recommend I go to therapy, I’d like to note that my therapist actually suggested this method.) In more recent iterations, I’ve thrown in a bonnet and a pacifier for good measure. Try keeping a straight face while your boss is dressed in baby garb. I’ll wait. 

8. Read restaurant menus aloud to myself 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love food. Restaurants: take all of my money! Eating and trying delicious delicacies brings me joy—so much so, that when I’m feeling down, infusing that experience into my situation lifts me up. All you have to do is pop over to the trusty old internet, type in “restaurants near me” or a particular establishment you’ve been wanting to try, and click “menu.” Then soak up the words while you imagine eating a medium-rare steak in a port wine reduction with a side of truffle mashed potatoes. Bonus points if you want to sing it in song. 

9. Play “where in the room am I?”

This is a game my friends and I came up with in college. It’s a little metaphysical, so stick with me. Okay, so let’s take me for example: Right now, if you were to ask “where in the room are you?” I’d respond that I’m physically sitting on my couch in my studio in New York. But, how I’d answer that under the guidelines of the game, is completely different. I’d say that right now, metaphysically, I’m roller-skating around the rim of my fiddle plant’s pot. It’s like what your soul (or your essence) is doing at any given moment. You could be swinging around your pendant light above your kitchen island or snuggling up to your freshly washed washcloths in your bathroom cabinet. Truly, the world is your chicken enchilada.

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