20 ideas for joyful movement this summer

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Last updated Jun 8, 2022

Something we don’t like: the idea that exercise is only worth it if you spend two hours in the gym huffing and puffing. 

Something we do like: joyful movement. 

Joyful movement is pretty much what the name says: finding ways to move joyfully. 

It prioritizes pleasure and choice (a win-win) and it can be just about anything: a hike on your local trail, a game of hide-and-seek with your rambunctious little cousin, or even an interpretive dance after a long day. So, if you’re looking for a sustainable way to move this summer, here are 20 joyful movement ideas.

  1. Plant a garden – planting tomatoes may not seem like exercise, but getting your hands dirty in the hot sun is a fun way to break a sweat. 
  2. Pick fruit – picking a peach is the new pilates. 
  3. Play yard games at the BBQ you host – if you don’t get competitive during cornhole, we just want to talk. 
  4. Hop in the pool – whether you swim, tread water, or do aqua aerobics, this is a refreshing way to move.  
  5. Canoe/kayak – you’ll move muscles you didn’t even know existed. 
  6. Outdoor scavenger hunt – who doesn’t love solving riddles and finding surprises?
  7. Walk around a local farmer’s market – the best part about this one is that you’re getting your steps in while searching for honey.
  8. Horseback ride – you get to be active while petting an animal, what’s not to love?
  9. Camp – pitching a tent takes serious focus and work. 
  10. Do a ropes course – you won’t even realize you’re working out because you’ll be so focused on successfully getting across the course. 
  11. Take your dog for a nice, long walk – your pup (and your endorphins) will thank you. 
  12. Do yard work – lifting, digging, bending, and raking is a surefire way to fire up those quads. 
  13. Frisbee – this is just good old-fashioned fun. 
  14. Dance in your backyard – do it like the neighbors aren’t watching. 
  15. Try laughter yoga – you know the feeling of your abs hurting after a good laugh? That. 
  16. Hula hoop – we’re jealous of the people who can keep their hoops up for more than 30 seconds. 
  17. Jump on a trampoline – we’re out of breath just thinking about this, but it’s just so much fun. 
  18. Rollerblade – don’t forget the knee and elbow pads!
  19. Bike ride – fun, breezy, and you can go at whatever pace you want. 
  20. Go to a waterpark – you go down a waterslide 30 times and tell us you’re not exhausted. 

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