Noom Coach

for iPhone

A simpler way to keep tabs on your weight.

Instant feedback

Noom lets you know how you're doing in real time. Feedback on individual food items helps you improve every time you use Noom.

Perfected search algorithm

Find exactly what you're looking for in just a few keystrokes. Noom's food search is optimized to reveal precisely the food you're looking for every time.

Calorie budget

Thanks to Noom's sophisticated calorie tracking, you know exactly where you stand. Your calorie budget helps you make smarter food choices all day long.

Weight loss is better together

Stay motivated and encourage others in your group to log meals with reminders and high fives throughout the day.

Share your meals, tips and tricks

Your group is there to help you with weight loss strategies, recipes, encouragement, and anything else you need to reach your goal.

A complete solution

Noom Coach isn't just for logging food. Also track your exercise and weight in Noom to see an integrated picture of your healthy lifestyle.