How can I learn about my Noom Mood charges and find my receipt?

Looking to find out more about your charges?

We got you — simply log into your Subscription Portal with the same credentials you used to create your NoomMood account, and get details regarding your charges, including what credit card you used to purchase, the amount you were/will be charged, your renewal date, and more.

No worries if you don’t remember your password — you can easily reset it with this handy dandy password reset link!

Can’t find your receipt?

Your email inbox would be the first place to start.

We always send out receipts that you can easily search for — here’s a couple of things about our receipt emails:

From who: Noom (
Subject: Your Noom Receipt

Make sure to check in your spam, junk, and promotions folders as well!

Still having trouble finding it? No worries, we’re here to help — reach out to us via and we’ll make sure to find your receipt or help with any other related issues. Be sure to include the email you used to sign up!