Noomer Success Story: Ariel

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

A few years ago, when preparing for an upcoming vacation, Ariel decided she wanted to lose a few pounds. She downloaded Noom on her mobile phone and, despite not being terribly stringent with tracking her calories, she managed to lose around 20 lbs.

When she returned from vacation, she fell back into old habits. “I went through some rough times and because of the circumstances and the stress, I stopped trying, stopped using Noom, and managed to gain all the weight I had lost back and more.” At her heaviest, she weighed in at around 241 pounds.

“I felt gross, sluggish, and depressed most of the time.” When the new year rolled around, Ariel decided that enough was enough. She knew it was time to make a change. “I got myself a fitness tracker, got back on Noom, and started paying attention to my body again.”

Today, with the help of Noom, Ariel has lost a total of 66 pounds — that’s over 27% of her bodyweight!

Ariel found Noom’s supportive community to be an essential part of her journey and has built lasting relationships with fellow users. She loves cooking, posting photos of her meals, and sharing recipes with her group. Ariel and a handful of her group members come together for weekly weigh-ins and offer each other advice and support.

“I’ve definitely had my ups and downs, especially with fighting my hormones. I love chocolate, but seeing what I’ve consumed day to day, week to week on Noom helps me stay on track and not beat myself up when I have a setback.”

Ariel recalls one of Noom’s earliest challenges was to give up soda. To satisfy her cravings, Ariel learned to enjoy a club soda mixed with a squeeze of lime and grapefruit juice as a healthy swap. She says this recipe helped keep her taste buds interested and her appetite in check. Ariel also recently completed a 5k training program and has made regular exercise and running a part of her day-to-day.“I always try and remind myself that you can’t outrun your fork!”

“I feel great, have loads more energy, and I actually finally enjoy shopping for clothes that look good and fit, instead of what used to be an ‘I guess I’ll wear this because it’s the only thing in my size’ attitude. I look forward to continuing on until I reach my goal weight! At the moment I’m a little over halfway there. I have 40 more pounds until I get to my goal!”

Congratulations on your progress Ariel! We know your tremendous success thus far is just the tip of the iceberg!

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