How this brand-new father lost 30 pounds in just 12 weeks

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Last updated Dec 21, 2022

After their son’s first birthday, John and his wife were motivated to be more positive examples for their son, while improving their health, to be the best parents they could be. They decided that they’d have the greatest likelihood for success if they worked together to change their habits and trusted in Noom to help them in their pursuit.

John had participated in Weight Watchers a few years ago, but he wasn’t able to successfully change his habits, so eventually, he fell back into his typical eating habits and the weight piled back on. His experience with Noom has been much different though.

This time, with Noom, I feel like I’ve actually completely changed how I approach food and eating.

John attributes his change in mindset to his customized course curriculum — the articles and challenges he received about leading a healthier lifestyle.

They helped me to see food differently. I really liked the ones about portions because I think personally that’s one of the big reasons I was so heavy. It was nice to have the little guides to help you get started and teach you little tricks and tips that help a lot along the way.

And slowly but surely, his tastes have changed too.

I don’t crave the greasy food I used to, and I’m much more happy to go to a restaurant and order veggies and fish over a greasy cheesy sandwich. I’m learning to love a whole new set of food while at the same time occasionally eating some bad stuff, but in much much smaller portions. I found too, I eat way less then I used too.

John is so grateful for his fabulous coaches: Goal Specialist Nikki and Group Coach Sasha.

The coaches are what make Noom different. It’s a big incentive to have the coaches and the group there guiding you and checking in with your progress. At the beginning that’s huge because you want to do well with others watching, but as time goes on your [motivation internalizes] choices become habits.

His coaches provided him with the accountability and guidance he needed to continuously make progress and overcome obstacles.

[Our check-ins are] a chance to reflect and see what did I good and what I need to work on, and it was always a morale booster when I felt I had a bad week.

John loved Noom’s easy, but scientifically backed approach to food, which helped him learn how to make healthier choices on his own.

I think the idea of calorie density is hammered home through the course and I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned over the last few months. I now know what food is calorie dense and I should eat less of, and what foods is less dense and I can chow down on.

Noom’s easy food logging feature and unique color system helped John find a greater sense of balance in his day-to-day life.

Just being mindful of what I’m eating and tracking every day just completely changes what goes in my body. And the best part, I don’t feel deprived! I can have my cake and eat it too — just sometimes less and I may have to skip that dinner roll to fit it in. I no longer live constantly with a guilty feeling that I’m making bad choices.

John has steadily lost weight since joining Noom, and is down 30 more pounds since kickstarting his customized course just 12 weeks ago. But the benefits of entrusting his journey in Noom extend far beyond weight loss.

Best of all, [my wife and I] have changed how we cook and eat at home, and I think we are really setting a great example now for our son who is starting to really love food. I feel like a better role model for my son. He eats what we do and I feel like we’ll be able to raise him with a good approach to food to give him the best shot of leading a healthy life.

Congratulations on all of your success, John! We are so excited to continue to follow your family on your journey to lasting health and happiness!

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