How Ella lost 19 pounds

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Last updated Mar 14, 2023

Suffering from injuries related to the extra weight she was carrying combined with the knowledge that her brother’s recent fatal heart attack may have been attributable to unhealthy choices, was the push Ella needed to take control of her own health and make a change.

Ella had been successful at losing weight in the past, but each time, she regained the weight. While she knew what she needed to do, like most people she struggled with putting these ideas into practice.

That’s where Noom came into the picture.

Ella signed up for what she believed was a personalized (but private) weight loss program to help her reach her goals. At the time, she did not realize that her program would pair her with a coaching team — dedicated goal specialist, a professional health coach, and a group of supportive peers — but it did.

To tell you the truth, my heart sunk when I realised what I’d done! I am so private about my weight loss journey because, if I’m the only one who knows about it, then I’m the only person who I can fail.

But Coach Julie, Coach Lisa, and her new group of friends soon changed her mind.

Even in the very early days I benefited. I was feeling unmotivated that my efforts weren’t being rewarded with any weight loss. It was Julie who kindly suggested I take a look at my history over the past week or two. I’d been eating/drinking in excess of 500 calories more than I should have been a day. Not rocket science but I needed the nudge in the right direction!

Ella especially loves the structure of her personalized course and how her daily to do helped her work towards her goals every day.

I love a good to do list and I get great satisfaction when I’ve completed my tasks for the day.

The daily articles she receives have helped her learn to eat more healthfully.

I start my day with a meal that has longevity. For me, that’s some protein, some grain, and a whole heap of veggies! Today was a couple of boiled eggs mixed with sour cream and pesto, whole grain toast, and a couple of salads – a cucumber, celery and red onion salad, and a carrot, dill and lemon juice salad – with a drizzle of delicious olive oil!

Her daily articles have also helped her develop the psychological tools she needs apply what she’s learned to break her bad habits and replace them with healthier ones. Particularly, the behavior chain gave her great insight.

It made me look at the real reasons I operate in a particular way and gave me the best opportunity to break the cycle.

When asking Ella about how her life changed since January, she initially had a difficult time answering.

I had to think hard about this question. My initial response was that it hasn’t but that’s the beauty of noom –my new habits feel normal!

Before beginning her journey with Noom, Ella was tired of not being able to purchase clothing in stores that she loved that didn’t carry her size. After losing 19 lbs, Ella feels so much more confident in her appearance. Family members comment on her glowing skin and life in her eyes — she is radiating happiness, she has found balance.

I lost weight while retaining the aspects of my lifestyle I really enjoy.

Ella wanted to share her some advice for people considering signing up for the free trial:

I love Noom. All I would say to anyone thinking of joining is that to get the best out of it, you need to be honest with yourself. It’s the only way to get over the bumps and get something that will last for you and your lifestyle.

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