The GLP-1 Forecast for 2024: Six Key Predictions

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According to leading indicators, consumer interest in GLP-1s shows no signs of abating in 2024. Strong demand will continue to spark innovation—as evidenced by the dozens of new formulations in the pipeline—yet cost and access will remain significant obstacles for employers and employees alike.

While GLP-1 medicines can be game changers in the management of obesity, we anticipate that they will also trigger a huge wave of cost increases for employers, payors, and our entire health system.  

This white paper identifies six GLP-1 trends for the upcoming year and corresponding takeaways for employers looking to craft a proactive utilization and care management approach. 

Key recommendations for employers include:

  • Find programs anchored to behavior and lifestyle change to help employees maintain weight loss and reduce long-term medication dependency
  • Offer workforces a full-spectrum approach from prevention to clinical treatment
  • Identify partners who invest in long-term studies to test the efficacy of their care models

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