Bridging the GLP-1 Care Gap for Better Outcomes and ROI

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While GLP-1 medications have shown much promise for weight loss, they can leave people in worse health than before, especially when medications are not used according to the drug label: as an adjunct to a diet and exercise program. 

Yet, our healthcare system isn’t well-equipped to support patients during and after a GLP-1 course of care. Primary care clinicians, who typically have little training in obesity, are getting inundated with patients’ requests for GLP-1s, but they generally lack the time to manage and support patients’ use of the drugs over months—hence fueling the GLP-1 care gap. 

Without the right support system, patients risk losing a significant amount of muscle mass, strength, and bone density, which can result in a lowered resting metabolic rate, worsening insulin resistance, and weight regain after stopping the medication. The impact? Poor health outcomes for patients and exacerbated costs for payers.

Join our expert panel as we delve into:

  • The science behind GLP-1s and muscle loss
  • Why GLP-1 success, from both an outcomes and cost savings perspective, depends on tailored behavior change
  • How Noom’s GLP-1 Companion can help close the care gap for your GLP-1 population


Dr. Linda Anegawa

Chief Medicine Officer


Alexander Fabry

VP of Healthcare Product


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