Introducing Noom Med: A Clinical Obesity Care Solution for Employers

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Breakthrough GLP-1s are revolutionizing the treatment landscape for obesity management. As demand for these medications surges, employers face a tough dilemma in quickly understanding the benefits of obesity medication, who should qualify and the best approach to avoid unnecessary utilization through alternative methods. 

Register and watch on-demand as we introduce Noom Med, a full-spectrum metabolic program for employers. Dr. Linda Anegawa, Chief of Medicine at Noom and award-winning, board-certified physician in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine joins Cody Fair, Head of Sales at Noom, to unveil how Noom combines biology with psychology for more sustainable and cost-effective outcomes with Noom Med. 

You’ll learn how this innovative program helps your clients navigate unnecessary spend on weight loss medications and is designed to help employees off-ramp medications. 


Dr. Linda Anegawa, MD, MS, FACP

Chief of Medicine

Cody Fair

SVP, Healthcare Sales & Services

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