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Noom joins Accolade’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem to provide employers with a comprehensive solution for weight loss and metabolic health, including support for GLP-1s, that help curb the rising healthcare costs associated with obesity and other comorbid conditions.
By Noom Team

Accolade and Noom have joined forces to provide Accolade customers with a tailored obesity management solution that integrates Noom’s award-winning behavior change program with Accolade’s high-quality, physician-led care to collaboratively drive better health outcomes while managing GLP-1 utilization.

Noom’s clinical obesity management solution, Noom Med, will be powered by Accolade physicians extensively trained in weight loss protocols and advanced primary care.

“In May 2023, responding to the marked increase in anti-obesity medication adoption, Noom launched Noom Med to provide high-quality clinical support to those suffering from the chronic disease of obesity,” said Noom’s CEO, Geoff Cook.

As part of Accolade’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem, Noom will also offer its core Noom Weight and Noom Diabetes Prevention program as a full spectrum metabolic health solution, including connecting higher-risk members with Accolade physicians. This partnership empowers employers to stem the rising healthcare costs associated with obesity and its many comorbid conditions. 

When an Accolade member first engages with Noom, they’ll complete a personalized assessment to determine whether they’re best served by Noom Weight, Noom Diabetes Prevention Program, or Noom Med powered by Accolade. Higher risk members will be directed to Noom Med powered by Accolade, where Accolade physicians provide evidence-based obesity care that augments Noom’s digital support. Non-GLP-1 anti-obesity medications are expected to be the initial course of action for nearly half of all Med participants. 

“When a member goes to Noom Med powered by Accolade, we ensure that the right members are gaining access to GLP-1s or other anti-obesity treatment and that members are making the behavior and lifestyle changes necessary to, where appropriate, successfully taper off those medications,” said Dr. James Wantuck, Accolade Chief Medical Officer. “Our customers and members will benefit from Accolade’s physician-led model combined with Noom’s best-in-class content, coaching and community. This innovative combination will drive sustainable weight-loss outcomes and reduce inappropriate spending.”

Accolade’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem Increases Digital Solution EngagementLaunched in 2019, Accolade’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem accelerates the performance of digital health solutions to improve outcomes across valued categories for employers. Benefits teams can confidently select from thoroughly vetted solutions and enjoy streamlined contracting and implementation. Learn more here.

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