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Noom for Work is one solution designed to support both the physical and mental health of everyone in your organization.
By Noom Team

What if you could give your employees one solution that could support both physical and emotional needs for your entire population? Noom for Work provides a complete metabolic and emotional health solution for employers and payers who want to help their employees and members improve their health while ultimately reducing healthcare costs.. 

Noom uses a psychology-based behavior change approach with four science-backed programs designed for the entire population With nearly 50% brand recognition, Noom commands broad reach to maximize adoption, pairing each user with the right product to deliver best outcomes at the most affordable price. 

For metabolic health, users would be directed to one of three solutions:

  • Noom Weight: a personalized, mind-first approach that combines technology and human support to help lose weight and keep it off.
  • Noom Diabetes Prevention Program: the first virtual DPP program recognized by the CDC, supported by an enhanced weight loss curriculum and DPP-trained coaches.
  • Noom Med: Clinical obesity management program, staffed by Noom’s obesity-trained clinicians who can prescribe and de-prescribe anti-obesity medication, designed to address the metabolic barriers of obesity through a combination of clinical treatment and long-term behavior change.

While our metabolic health solutions are designed help users lose weight, lower health risk and treat the prevalence of obesity,, Noom Mood is designed   to help people improve stress management and resilience while reducing anxious feelings. Through self-discovery, all of Noom’s programs are designed to help employees and members build healthier habits that lead to long-lasting results. 

“Feedback from our early clients shows that Noom for Work is already being adopted by employees at high rates and that employers are noting significant reductions in perceived burnout and productivity loss, as well as an encouraging increase in mental focus, healthy weight loss, and improved stress tolerance,” said Matt Mouradian, General Manager of Noom for Work.  

Noom for Work works for employers and payers: 

  • 25% average employee adoption rate1
  • 33% perceived improvement in productivity loss2
  • 42% of users who lost more than 10%+ of their body weight maintained weight loss 2 years after Noom3
  • 45% of Noom Med patients are never issued a GLP-14

Noom is an investment in well-being that delivers real cost savings. Based on research of third-party claims data, Noom’s weight loss program can generate more than 2x ROI for users with a 25 BMI score and above. Run the numbers on our ROI calculator to get a better idea of the potential health cost savings for your organization.

Bring Noom to your organization. Give your workforce a preview of what’s possible for their physical and mental health. Request a demo or download the Noom for Work product brochure to learn more.

1 Noom internal client data

2 Perception of Improvement of Employee Outcomes and Mood on NoomMood: prospective survey study of engaged Noom Mood users at 2 weeksand 16 weeks. Dec 2021–Feb 2022.

3 Weight-loss maintenance after a digital commercial behavior change program (Noom Weight): Observational cross-sectional survey study. March 2023.

4 Noom internal data

Bring Noom to
your organization

Give your workforce a preview of what’s possible
for their physical and mental health.