How to Choose the Best Weight Management Program for Employees

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Discover the latest insights on employee health with Noom for Work and Noom Weight. Uncover how stress, obesity, anxiety, and other factors impact your workforce, and learn the benefits of proactive wellness programs. Join us in empowering a healthier, more productive team.
By Noom Team

What do HR and benefits specialists say are the key things to consider when choosing a weight management program? The focus is on the outcomes. Designing a diverse program that accommodates various employee needs is crucial. Personalization ensures that the program can cater to different lifestyle preferences, health conditions, and weight loss goals.

Finding the right weight management program for employees involves several key considerations. Here are some insights for HR and benefits specialists to consider:

  1. Behavioral Change Focus: Effective weight management programs often prioritize behavioral changes over merely tracking weight loss. Encouraging sustainable habits and providing ongoing support can lead to long-term success.  Powered by psychology, Noom uses evidence-based techniques to empower behavior change. It’s a personalized, mind-first approach that combines technology and human support to create healthier daily habits that lead to long-lasting results. Noom addresses the root causes of unhealthy behaviors and helps employees develop healthier habits. Each program (Noom Weight, Noom Diabetes Prevention Program, and Noom Med) is tailored for different lifestyles, dietary preferences, and fitness levels, which make all the difference in employee engagement and success rates.
  2. Accessibility & Engagement: Having an easily accessible program that fits into employees’ busy schedules is crucial for employee engagement in the program. But the engagement doesn’t rest solely with the employee. Employers can offer short-term incentives that drive sustainable behavior change and motivate participation, but be careful to avoid promoting unhealthy behaviors. Consider non-monetary rewards or wellness incentives that recognize overall health improvements.
  3. Integrative Health Approach: Programs that combine nutritional counseling, physical activity, and mental health support tend to be more successful. This holistic approach addresses multiple aspects of health and encourages comprehensive well-being.
  4. Expert Support: In the age of GLP-1s, having access to healthcare professionals such as dietitians, fitness trainers, and mental health counselors can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a weight management program. Employees benefit from expert guidance tailored to their individual needs.
  5. Data-Driven Results: Leveraging data can significantly enhance the effectiveness of weight management programs. Programs that offer real-time insights and track progress can help employees stay motivated and on track.

Noom for Work is renowned for its psychological approach to weight management, utilizing cognitive-behavioral techniques to not only help employees lose weight but also sustain a healthier lifestyle. With Noom for Work, organizations can provide their employees with personalized coaching, educational content, and easy-to-use tools that fit seamlessly into their daily routines. This isn’t just about diet and exercise; Noom emphasizes behavioral change, making it incredibly effective and sustainable in the long run, and ensuring better health outcomes for your employee population. By incorporating Noom into your wellness offerings, you are showing a strong commitment to your employees’ overall well-being.

“At Noom, we believe in harnessing the power of science and data to drive meaningful health outcomes,” says Cody Fair, Noom’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Our data-driven approach not only personalizes the experience for each user but also provides actionable insights that help them achieve and maintain their health goals.”

By addressing these considerations, HR benefits specialists can implement effective weight management programs that support employees in their health journeys, while also fostering a healthier, more productive workplace.

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