Big Insights! Noom’s GLP-1 Forecast for 2024, Including Six Key Predictions for Employers, Payors and Health Systems.

Run the numbers.

Based on research of third party claims data, Noom’s weight loss program can generate more than 2x ROI for users with a 25 BMI score and above. This calculator is a tool to help visualize potential health cost savings for your higher risk population.

An investment in well-being that delivers real cost savings.

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Noom for Work is a strategic hire.


Unlocking Noom for Work gives access to entire employee populations, for anyone who wants a proven approach to developing healthier habits.

A single platform for mind and body gives employees the flexibility to personalize their goals for stress management and weight loss, and also helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

Effective adoption
Noom-driven marketing efforts and a strong brand mean you can expect high engagement upon enrollment and every day after.

Always-on support

Noom for Work leverages dedicated customer service experts and real-time dashboards to relay your ROI.


average employee adoption ¹


of engaged users lost ≥5% of their body weight ²


PERCEIVED improvement in burnout ³


PERCEIVED improvement in productivity loss ³

1 Noom internal client data
2 Internal retrospective observational study (Noom Weight) of Jan 2020-2021.
3 Perception of Improvement of Employee Outcomes and Mood on Noom Mood: internal cross-sectional study prospective survey study of engaged Noom Mood users at 16 weeks. Dec 2021-Feb 2022

Save with a small group discount.

Get started with Noom for Work today at a 12% discount for 5 to 50 members.

The savings don’t end there. Our evidence-based approach yields impressive results in individuals and consequently in company performance. See how with our ROI calculator.





Frequently asked questions.

How is a Small Groups Subscription different from a regular Noom subscription?

Noom for Small Groups offers the ability to purchase Noom for groups of 5 to 50 at a discount. This is the same in-app experience as an individually purchased subscription to Noom. You are purchasing a 12-month subscription to Noom’s program, currently available in English.

How does Dual Access work?

When you purchase Dual Access, you will have access to both Noom Weight and Noom Mood. Each participant will be able to select the program that best meets their current needs when they sign up, and can easily switch programs at any time during the subscription.

Please note that you can only be enrolled in one program at a time. Switching happens smoothly within the Noom app, and all user data is saved and remains available after switching between Weight and Mood. Noom Mood is only available in the U.S.

What happens after I check out?

Our team will reach out within two business days and share unique access codes for the number of subscriptions you purchased, along with instructions for how to distribute them and onboard your team.

Can I buy a subscription for more than 50 people?

Yes! Noom for Small Groups is perfect for organizations with less than 100 covered lives, while Noom for Work is for organizations with over 100 covered lives. If you are interested in purchasing Noom for more than 100 people, we offer Enterprise pricing, supported by a customer success team, monthly reporting and marketing support. To speak with a Noom Account rep about our Enterprise solution, simply provide a few details about your needs here and we’ll quickly follow up!

How is a Small Groups plan billed?

The payment method is provided at checkout and will be billed as one up-front payment for the full year access at time of purchase; we do not offer billing by usage for Small Groups.

We encourage you to survey your organization to determine the optimum number of lives you want to cover for your team. We do NOT have any automatic renewals.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept most major credit and debit cards through our website, though cannot offer invoicing or payment by check for a Small Groups plan.

When does the subscription begin?

You will receive an email (within two business days after purchase) that contains unique access codes that you will need to distribute to employees with a link.

Your employees will access the sign-up link with the unique access code you provide to them; each subscription is considered ‘activated’ after the employee signs-up.

The 1-year subscription begins when your employee redeems their unique access code and creates their Noom account.

Can I add additional team members later in the year?

Absolutely! You are able to add additional covered lives to your Small Group through the same purchase link above. Each new transaction must contain a minimum purchase of 5 licenses regardless of prior transactions. Please note that you will not be able to decrease the number of covered lives once the purchase is complete.

Can I transfer access from one employee to another?

At this time, subscriptions are activated once an employee signs-up for access. We cannot transfer access between employees after the subscription has been activated. If an employee chooses not to activate after you share access (before they activate), you can send the employee’s unique code over to another employee who is interested.

More questions? Reach out to! We’ll respond in 1-2 business days.

Ease of implementation

We optimize our platform for seamless integration with your commercial clients’ existing plans.

Marked Adoption
Noom is a well-loved brand that drives high adoption and engagement.
Lasting health outcomes
Noom’s psychology-based approach encourages lasting lifestyle changes to lower member risk levels and shrink health care costs.
Continuous innovation
Our millions of consumer and commercial users worldwide allow us to establish the latest breakthroughs in behavior change at scale, optimizing every aspect of our products.


of engaged users maintain weight loss 2 years after program completion ¹


of engaged users lost ≥5% of their body weight (DPP) ²


PERCEIVED improvement in burnout ³


PERCEIVED improvement in productivity loss ³

1 Weight loss maintenance after a digital commercial behavior change program (Noom Weight): Observational cross-sectional survey study of Noom Weight users that lost at least 10% of their body weight on Noom and maintained at least 10% lost for 24 months.
2 Weight loss efficacy of a novel mobile Diabetes Prevention Program delivery platform with human coaching: Prospective observational study of prediabetic users. Sept 2016.
3 Perception of Improvement of Employee Outcomes and Mood on Noom Mood: internal cross-sectional study prospective survey study of engaged Noom Mood users at 16 weeks. Dec 2021-Feb 2022


A single platform for mind and body health gives people the flexibility to personalize their goals for stress loss and weight management, and helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

Proven results
Our expertise in behavior change is established among 48 peer reviewed articles on weight loss and stress management, along with 150+ experiments per year.
Lasting health outcomes
Noom for Work arms people with tools and support to manage stress and develop healthy coping mechanisms, lose weight and keep it off, and avoid the onset of diabetes.
Ease of implementation
Noom for Work is effective as a seamless expansion to pre-existing platforms as it is a standalone solution, with our added support to drive strong employee adoption and continued engagement.
Dedicated teams + Tailored solutions
With Noom for Work, you get a customer success team along with informative dashboards and regular reports.

ROI on 25+ BMI populations ¹


of engaged users lost ≥5% of their body weight (DPP) ²


average employee adoption ³


PERCEIVED improvement in burnout ⁴


PERCEIVED improvement in productivity loss ⁴


PERCEIVED improvement in productivity loss ⁴

1 Eversana. Retrospective Real – World Data Analysis of Health and Healthcare Resource Use in Noom Weight Users. June 2022.
2 Weight loss efficacy of a novel mobile Diabetes Prevention Program delivery platform with human coaching: Prospective observational study of prediabetic users. Sept 2016.
3 Noom internal client data
4 Perception of Improvement of Employee Outcomes and Mood on Noom Mood: internal cross-sectional study prospective survey study of engaged Noom Mood users at 16 weeks. Dec 2021-Feb 2022

See what Noom for Work solves with science and 1:1 support.

Noom for Work’s digital approach offers psychology-based behavior change with personalized coaching to help people develop healthier habits and behaviors that last.

  • Dedicated customer success team
  • In-depth reporting
  • Marketing support that delivers an average 25% enrollment rate
  • A recognizable brand that millions of people already know and love

One platform. Four solutions—designed for total population health.

Weight Management

Noom works for weight loss.

For nearly 15 years, Noom has helped millions of people lose weight. Our well-loved digital program is now available at the enterprise level, and it’s working to engage more employees, improve population health and lower healthcare costs.

Healthy weight loss adds up to healthcare savings

  • Techniques that teach people the why behind their habits and how to change them
  • Daily lessons tailored to each person’s goals
  • One-on-one coaching and peer support to help improve outcomes


Noom is recognized by the CDC for diabetes prevention.

Noom was the first-ever virtual Diabetes Prevention Program to receive CDC recognition in 2017—and is now the first to earn the CDC’s Full Plus Recognition among competitors.

The highest distinction awarded by the CDC, Full Plus Recognition validates Noom’s ability to deliver clinically significant outcomes that reduce the incidence of diabetes, while driving sustainable member engagement throughout the program.

Prediabetes is a costly population health problem, with one in three American adults affected by prediabetes and 80% unaware of their condition. With Noom’s Full Plus Recognition, organizations can offer employees the highest-quality, evidence-based diabetes prevention, reducing the incidence of this costly chronic disease.

Build up healthier habits, drive down the risk of diabetes.

  • Techniques that teach people the why behind their habits and how to change them.
  • Daily lessons tailored to each person’s goals.
  • One-on-one support from coaches who are trained in diabetes prevention.
  • Awarded Full Plus Recognition by the CDC.


Noom works for the clinical treatment of obesity.

Breakthrough medications, like GLP-1s, have revolutionized obesity care. While these medications have proven effective, they can be costly and much less effective in sustaining weight loss on their own. Anchoring medical treatment with psychological support gives employees the best chance for long-term success. Noom’s powerful obesity care solution matches biology with psychology to deliver better outcomes at a lower overall cost.

A sustainable approach to obesity treatment

  • One-on-one care from a specialized obesity clinician
  • Integrated lab testing to assess metabolic health
  • Evaluation of hidden biological factors causing weight gain
  • Prescribed medication when clinically necessary
  • Comprehensive behavior change taught by Noom’s award-winning program to support designed off-ramp from medication and long-term weight loss maintenance


Noom works for mental wellness support.

Employees who feel better do better at work. Less stress means more focus, higher productivity, fewer days away from work and way more joy. Noom Mood is an always-on program that works on an individual level to help employees better manage stress and reduce anxious feelings.

A more accessible approach to stress management

  • Structured, guided curriculum tailored to each user’s journey
  • Dedicated coaches offer personalized direction and 1:1 encouragement along the way
  • Daily mood tracking to add positive reinforcement and demonstrate progress


Rooted in science, backed by medical expertise

“As a science-based company, Noom recognizes and embraces the latest medical science regarding obesity as a complex, chronic disease. By pairing a comprehensive clinical approach with our award-winning behavior change program, Noom has created a path where sustainable, long-term health outcomes are possible for those struggling with obesity and associated metabolic disease.”
Meet Dr. Adonis Saremi, Noom’s Chief Medical Officer. With dual board certification in Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics and board eligibility in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Saremi drives dynamic results and acuity in digital health. Dr. Saremi’s expertise in scaling physician service to put patient needs at the center is evidenced by his work with telehealth start-ups and the Medical Board of California. At Noom, Dr. Saremi oversees the strategy for the clinical obesity care program, and supports the training and onboarding for Noom’s clinicians.He received his B.S. from the University of California, Riverside, and his MS in Applied Physiology and MD from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.
Dr. Adonis Saremi, Noom’s Chief Medical Officer

Lasting results are worth celebrating.


“I know Noom is working for me because I’ve developed healthier habits. I can wear clothes I haven’t in years, keep up with my two grandkids, complete physical activities without tiring or becoming winded, I receive regular compliments from family and friends, and I have discontinued prescription medications. Noom is the best tool in my toolbox for becoming and staying the healthiest version of myself that I can be.”


“The lessons on downward negative thought spirals changed my life. When I learned how to reframe my thoughts and change my perspective, everything for me changed. Noom helped me see that I could approach the stressful or anxiety-provoking situations I encountered from a place of curiosity and calm rather than from a place of judgment and negativity. We are our thoughts.”


“Since I use my phone every day, why not use it as a tool to help my emotional well being?  My Noom coach has helped me accept daily struggles as just that and not let it define me. They remind me to stay present, and practice the small things that really help. Most importantly, they’re there for when I just need to type out my feelings.”


“Our stamina, endurance and overall health have drastically improved and for the first time we can both say that we actually feel 100% comfortable with who we are! Noom is more than a weight loss app, much more, it is a life coach, a confidant, an encourager of good habits, and a bringer of the lifestyle that we always dreamed of but never thought possible.”

Get Noom for Work today.