This one tool can lower costs AND attract healthy consumers

by | Jul 30, 2015

Health plans are facing a constant stream of new business challenges. For one, members are shopping healthcare marketplaces giving them more options and the ability to better filter their choices for price, features, and more. Additionally, the American population is aging and health care costs are skyrocketing. To stay afloat, plans need to move quickly to both lower costs and appeal to ever more knowledgeable consumers.

Most plans have identified the key ways to do this: lower costs for sick patients, particularly those with chronic diseases, by better administering health interventions while preventing pre-chronic members from developing a chronic disease. Additionally, payers are looking to attract more health-conscious members by offering wellness incentives, value-adds, and attractive features that promote a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, implementing these initiatives separately hasn’t delivered the results payers are looking for.

On the one hand, there are sales innovation teams developing exciting new member offers to boost sales and customer retention. Meanwhile, entirely separate teams focused on clinical innovation, are trying to improve health among patients who are already sick or likely to get sick. Rolling out a program across an organization with varying needs is challenging, and with such niche solutions, getting buy-in from leadership is a huge hurdle.

Noom aims to solve this issue by offering clinically validated modules for health interventions from obesity to heart disease. Our customizable behavior change platform activates and empowers members and new customers along the entire spectrum of health.

For patients with acute illnesses, Noom’s tools help ensure patients understand their doctor’s orders and indicate how their current stats stack up against their goals. Once they see the full picture of their current health, they can use Noom’s educational tools to work toward their goals.

For healthy users, Noom helps to maintain a balanced lifestyle in order to keep them in that healthy state. They can monitor their choices and log any abnormalities to remain engaged with their wellness.

Coaches know how to motivate someone in the most effective way, and they can offer tips based on each users’ individual struggles. They can help new users establish a realistic plan to get healthier, while also helping maintainers continue to make the smart choices. And for those who are at risk or are in a disease state, coaching offers a significantly greater chance of engagement, putting those users at a higher likelihood of improvement.

Whether managing their diabetes, following a discharge plan, or just keeping track of their eating, with Noom’s help, the user works in incremental changes in order to consistently improve one step at a time. The longer a user uses the app, the more ingrained healthy choices will become, improving health in the long run. Meanwhile, insurers reap the rewards of offering a single, comprehensive program to benefit all of its members with lower overhead.