30 delicious keto vegan recipes

by | Sep 11, 2022 | Last updated Feb 25, 2023

Following a keto vegan lifestyle can make cooking a challenge. The keto diet is low carb and high fat, so many keto recipes include meat and dairy products. Meanwhile vegan meals tend to be lower in fat, but are often high in carbohydrates. 

But challenging isn’t the same as impossible. And with both diets being so popular, chefs and foodies are creating exciting and delicious keto vegan recipes that you can make at home. (Smoked cauliflower? Sign us up.) 

By now, you probably know that Noom focuses on a balanced diet and doesn’t subscribe to any one style of eating—especially one as restrictive as a keto vegan diet. But if it’s something you want to try, we’re here to help with some of the tastiest recipes from around the internet. 

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Keto vegan breakfast recipes

Making breakfast with neither eggs nor grains? Here are 6 delicious options to start your day.

1. Eggy tofu scramble from Rainbow Plant Life (158 calories, 3g net carbs)

Kala Namak (or black salt) is the secret to making this tofu keto recipe taste like real eggs. 

2. Keto green smoothie from Real Balanced (341 calories, 4.1g net carbs)

This superfood smoothie is full of nutrient-rich, satiating ingredients like spinach and avocado. Change up the flavor with add-ons like chia seeds and vanilla protein powder.

3. Vegan crustless mini quiches from Bear Plate (163 calories, 3.8g net carbs)

Make a batch of these vegan-keto quiches (the recipe makes a dozen) and you’ll have tasty breakfasts ready to eat throughout the week. 

4. Keto blueberry pecan granola from Keto & Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes (377 calories, 5g net carbs)

Packed with nutritious blueberries and a variety of nuts and seeds, this recipe makes a delicious and filling keto breakfast or snack.

5. Low-carb coconut flour porridge from Low Carb Yum (303 calories, 6g net carbs)

You can make this keto-vegan oatmeal substitute in a pressure cooker or stovetop for a warm, satisfying breakfast.

6. Maple-flavored keto oatmeal from My PCOS Kitchen (374 calories, 3.27g net carbs)

This recipe uses walnuts, pecans, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and sunflower seeds to create a hearty “noatmeal” that you can top with your favorite low-carb fruit.

Keto vegan meals for lunch 

Cucumbers can be noodles? Yup. Get creative with veggies and spices for a healthy and satisfying lunch.

7. Spicy spiralized turmeric tahini cucumber noodles from Moon and Spoon and Yum (72 calories, 0g net carbs)

Refreshing cucumber noodles are paired with spicy turmeric tahini sauce for this easy keto-vegan meal that comes together in just 5 minutes.

8. Tomato cucumber salad from Peas and Crayons (176 calories, 8g net carbs)

Experiment with this light and flavorful salad by adding in any fresh veggies that might be sitting in your crisper. 

9. Paleo broccoli fried rice from I Heart Umami (87 calories, 5g net carbs)

Had your fill of cauliflower rice? Try this quick and easy lunch recipe that uses nutritious riced broccoli as a base. 

10. Spiralized zucchini salad from Low Carb Yum (120 calories, 3.6g net carbs)

This refreshing, no-cook dish comes together in just 10 minutes for a tasty summer lunch.

11. Hearts of palm avocado salad from Keto & Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes (255 calories, 5.2g net carbs)

Start with canned hearts of palm and add avocado, tomato, and walnuts for this easy keto salad with a satisfying crunch. 

12. Mediterranean keto collard green wraps from Wholesome Yum (208 calories, 6g net carbs)

Prep and make these healthy wraps up to four days in advance by drizzling lemon juice over the avocado and wrapping them tightly. 

Keto vegan dinner recipes 

Pizza, lasagna, and tacos are all on the table with these keto vegan dinner recipes.

13. Coconut flour pizza from Sweet as Honey (86 calories, 4g net carbs)

Top this homemade crust with your favorite vegetables and keto-friendly sauce for family pizza night.

14. Vegan cauliflower tacos from Life Made Sweeter (113 calories, 3g net carbs)

Make Taco Tuesday keto and vegan-friendly with air fried, roasted, or grilled cauliflower. 

15. 8-ingredient zucchini lasagna from Minimalist Baker (395 calories, 12.3g net carbs)

Veggie “noodles” and vegan “cheese” come together in this comforting and nutritious version of classic lasagna. 

16. Spicy Thai coconut grilled tofu skewers from Keto & Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes (286 calories, 7g net carbs)

Tofu keto recipes don’t get much easier than this one. Pour a simple marinade over tofu cubes, let it sit overnight, and fire up the grill for dinner the next day. 

17. Vegan keto walnut chili from Abbey’s Kitchen (353 calories, 10g net carbs)

This flavorful chili is chock full of hearty vegetables and chipotles in adobo, so you won’t miss the beans. 

18. Instant Pot whole roasted cauliflower in Indian masala from Belly Rules the Mind (161 calories, 11g net carbs)

Enjoy rich, flavor-packed masala over satisfying roasted cauliflower. Skip the rice and serve with keto flatbread.

Ready to make a lasting change?

A healthier you, wherever you are.

Keto vegan snacks

These tasty, low-carb vegan snacks will help you power through your day.

19. Almond flour keto crackers from Low Carb Yum (151 calories, 3g net carbs)

Add garlic powder and or your favorite herbs to the dough to make these crackers extra savory.

20. Oven-baked zucchini chips from Wholesome Yum (23 calories, 1g net carbs)

Three ingredients and 10 minutes of prep, and you’ve got a healthy snack. Eat these chips on their own or pair them with your favorite dip.

21. Vegan coconut bliss balls from Moon and Spoon and Yum (112 calories, 6g net carbs)

Swap monk fruit syrup for maple syrup to make these vegan energy bites keto-friendly.

22. Creamy keto chia pudding from Sugarfree Londoner (169 calories, 2.7g net carbs)

Switch up the ingredients to make this pudding nutty, chocolatey, or fruity. 

23. No-bake salted caramel paleo vegan energy balls from The Big Man’s World (86 calories, 1g net carbs)

Sunflower butter is the secret to giving these sweet treats their salted caramel flavor. 

24. Healthy loaded sweet potato bites from Plant Prosperous (48 calories, 2g net carbs)

A more nutritious version of potato skins, these savory keto vegan snacks come together in just 30 minutes.

Keto vegan desserts

Craving something sweet? Try one of these delicious goodies—no sugar, butter, or eggs needed.

25. Keto copycat Thin Mints from Real Balanced (96 calories, 3.6g net carbs)

Chia seeds and ground sunflower seed meal sub for flour in this spin on the classic Girl Scout favorite.

26. Vegan keto panna cotta from My Sweet Keto (319 calories, 5.3g net carbs)

Omnivores and vegans alike will agree that this coco-nutty, keto-friendly dessert is a winner. 

27. No-bake vegan cinnamon sugar balls from Running on Real Food (138 calories, 3.8g net carbs)

These vegan keto doughnut holes require just 4 ingredients and 5 minutes of your time. 

28. Butternut toffee meltaway fudge from Spabettie (20 calories, 2g net carbs)

Use fresh or frozen butternut squash for this creamy, cool, and nutrient-rich treat.

29. Peanut butter coconut truffles from Bakerita (126 calories, 3g net carbs)

Make these truffles keto with unsweetened chocolate and the nut butter of your choice. 

30. 4-ingredient almond butter paleo ice cream from Beaming Baker (153 calories, 2g net carbs)

Pick a keto-friendly sweetener, toss the ingredients in a food processor, and freeze. Boom.

Get more tips on following a keto vegan diet

Following both a keto and vegan lifestyle takes planning, preparation, and a bit of creativity—but it is possible.

Whether you’re a keto eater who’s looking to reduce your intake of animal products or a vegan who’s curious about the keto diet, we’re here to support your health goals. Just be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about how to avoid any nutritional deficiencies that a keto vegan diet might create. 

Read our guide to keto vegan eating to learn more about how to follow a keto vegan diet, including a list of high-fat vegan foods. Or sign up for Noom today!