7 summer-y recipes that’ll get you into ratatouille

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Last updated Jun 15, 2022

Ratatouille is a famous French dish made of stewed vegetables—typically eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and gourds—served as a refreshing side or hearty entrée. Ratatouille is a 2007 Disney film about the culinary talents of a shrewd rat. With the sequel coming out next year, and Bastille Day next month, it’s high time you got your ratatouille on. 

If you need more convincing, consider that ratatouille is a simple and flavorful crowd-pleaser. It empowers you to round out your meals with nutrient-rich and fibrous vegetables, which help you feel full and digest food more easily. These can include fun summer add-ons, like cherry tomatoes and squash. Below, seven ratatouille recipes for some inspiration. If an animated rat can do it, so can you!

  1. The classic French one 

This preparation includes all the classic ratatouille veggies stewed in flavorful and herb-y tomato sauce. Serve it hot, cold, room temperature, over whole grain bread, brown rice, or the lean meat of your choosing. 

  1. The tangy, bright one 

Here, the white wine vinegar and seasoning add a kick to make the ratatouille extra-memorable. Drizzle the extra virgin olive oil mindfully for healthier portions. 

  1. The pretty one

If you want the world, or at least all your Instagram followers, to know that you made a ratatouille, choose this one—it’s the most photogenic. The recipe asks you to stack and layer the veggies in a gorgeous spiral that’ll have your guests saying, “This looks too good to eat!” as they fork themselves another serving. 

  1. The Greek one 

With feta being one of the lowest fat and least calorically dense cheeses, this Greek-inspired ratatouille is a most delectable and healthful variant. Did you know that courgetti is the same thing as zucchini?

  1. The one with chicken

This recipe presents an amazing way to make a deeply flavorful chicken that’s also super-portable. Fill yourself a Tupperware with this one, and bring it along to the beach or on some other summer excursion for a filling refreshment. 

  1. The super-lean protein-y one

Keep some of this ratatouille in the fridge to scarf down after some intense exercise. The seasoned vegetables blend pleasantly with ground turkey, making it a low-fat, protein-rich dish that can fill you up all by itself.

  1. The one with savory tofu

What, you thought you were gonna get through an entire Noom Digest recipe roundup without a tofu plug? The tofu blends so nicely with the veggies, and low-sodium soy sauce, rosemary, and thyme add an extra helping of deliciousness. A high-protein green food, tofu really helps with satiety. 

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