Progress Profile: Olga Gonzalez

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

This spotlight is profiling Olga Gonzalez, a dedicated Noomer who is successfully navigating her weight loss journey. Read her inspiring story below.

I began my health journey in July 2014 after my son left for Basic Combat Training at Fort Leonard Wood. I missed him terribly and during my quiet moments, I recalled how he tried to motivate me to be healthier. My son was training hard and I wanted to honor his service to his family and country by training along with him.


At the same time, I also received some serious news: my mom had a serious blockage in her arteries and would need a triple bypass surgery (she was only 64). This was devastating to me and I was terrified of losing my mother. I weighed 220 lbs at the time and I realized I needed to make a radical change to my eating habits and lifestyle.


My mother was the person who originally introduced me to Noom. She told me about an app my niece had on her phone and suggested I try it. She was amazed that a phone could search for any food you ate and tell you the amount of calories in it in a number of seconds! I downloaded the app and have been using it ever since.


I lost 40 lbs. in five months by logging the foods I ate — all while learning about health. I began to exercise and the red, yellow, and green notifications made it so easy for me to watch what I put in my body.


I have already lost 40 lbs and my friends and family are amazed at my transformation. I still have 50 lbs to go until I reach my goal weight but I now have the confidence I need to get there.